What Was Worth Reading This Week: This Can Save Your Online Business

What Was Worth Reading This Week: This Can Save Your Online BusinessThis is already the third week that I’m doing a news roundup, I barely write anything besides these. Sad.

Anyways lets get started.

Reboot Your Blog   

Michelle MacPhearson released a full course on how to improve your blog so to speak, it has tons of information and the best part is that it’s free. Go check it out.

Do You Know What Your Marketing Is Doing? 


This week Skype introduced a list building tool SkySponder. It’s kinda similar to an email list building, but the whole action takes on Skype. The tool makes it a lot easier to do business on Skype. It seems a rather cool way of monetization that Skype has came up with.

Edit Facebook Posts 

This week Facebook introduced a new feature. You can now go and edit your previous posts. I think it currently works only on private profiles and not on fanpages. At least that’s true for me hopefully they will release it on fanpages later as well.

Hummingbird Algorithm 

google hummingbird algorithmSo, this is actually old news, but only this week Google finally announced the release of the Hummingbird algorithm. Google says that this update was like changing an engine to a car, it didn’t have a huge impact for rankings but. what it did, it got smarter when dealing with some more difficult queries. You shouldn’t have experienced a traffic loss according to Google.


Triberr is a very powerful app that allows you to easily spread your newest content. It helps you drive traffic and social shares to your blog posts almost immediately. Check out this blog post by Ileane Smith to learn more about Triberr.

Split Testing

Split testing is a great way for increasing the conversions of your website, but there some mistakes that you can do when split testing a blog that may lead into trouble with Google. Learn what are these 5 split testing mistakes.

Are you overusing hashtags in your social media marketing?

Email Marketing Simple Tips

Doing email marketing? Then these simple tips will help you when crafting your emails.

5000 Visitors To Your Next Blog Post 

Would you be excited, if you got 5000 visitors to your blog post? Well, most of us would, learn how to pull this off in this blog post.

How To Generate Traffic From StumbleUpon 

How To Generate Traffic From StumbleUpon StumbleUpon is a very powerful social media site which is all about finding great websites. If used correctly it can drive a lot of targeted traffic back to your website.

Writing Headlines For More Backlinks 

A blog post on ViperChill makes a great point how headlines influence the success of an article. In the post you will learn why headlines are so important and how to craft them so, that you will get the most links to your blog post.

How To Tumblr

Why and how you should use Tumblr to grow your business? What are the benefits of Tumblr? What you should post there to get noticed and more in this blog post by Moz.

Facebook’s 20% Rule

Facebook's 20% RuleFacebook has a rule that only 20% of your ad image can be text, though sometimes an ad gets approved even though it has a lot of text and sometimes ads with just two words or so, get disapproved. Read this post to learn why that happens.

Build A List From Guest Posts

Building a list is the single most important thing that you should do when starting an internet business. There are many ways how you can do that, one of the most popular ones is blogging, but blogging on your own blog is slow. It takes a lot of time until you start seeing results. So, a good idea is to guest post on other blogs that have already built an audience. When you blog on these other blogs you send the traffic to your squeeze page and build a list. Read the blog post for more detail how to use this strategy.

Twitter Cards

You have probably already seen the new Twitter cards under tweets that give out more information about the link that’s being shared and you probably started thinking how can I get those for my own website. Well, this blog post got you covered.

Improve The Conversions Of Your Blog 

This video is a killer. Derek Halpern from SocialTriggers reviews the blog of Laura Roeder and gives tips and tricks how to optimize individual pages to get more conversions. You can definitely apply a lot of this knowledge shared to your own blog, I’m sure going to implement what I learnt.

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