5 Blogging Mistakes – Dumbass Things Bloggers Do That Withhold Their Success

5 Blogging Mistakes - Dumbass Things Bloggers Do That Withhold Their SuccessPeople learn from their mistakes.

Smart people learn from the mistakes of others.

If you want to start a successful blog, or you already have a blog, but it’s not giving the results you want then by being a smart person you should learn the blogging mistakes that other beginner bloggers do and make sure to avoid them.

So, here are the 5 most common blogging mistakes that you should avoid:

1. Not Building A List

list buildingMore than 90% of visitors that come to your website aren’t going to come back. They came once and you don’t see them again.

Now, you don’t want to be loosing 90% of your hard work, you want people to come back to your website again and again, but how do you do that?

The solution is building a list.

Once someone signs-up to your email list you can send him back to your website again and again as long as he remains a subscriber.

Now, you wont capture every single visitor to your email list, if you are good at conversions you will get 5% or more of your blog visitors to opt-in.

This is perfectly fine, eventually the subscribers start to add up and you will build a decent size email list. An email list is your business asset. You can use it to send traffic back to your blog, you can use it to promote a product and make money.

So, start building a list ASAP.

2. Not Replying To Comments

This one isn’t that common, but it’s one of the worst mistakes. You want to be replying to every single comment that you get, this helps build an audience that interacts with you, it also builds social value and trust.

By replying to every single comment you at least double the amount of comments  🙂 Also, when people see that you are replying they are more likely to leave a comment.

Comments are also additional content that will help your blog posts rank higher and generate more traffic. So, you definitely want to encourage commenting, you can do that with different plugins like CommentLuv, or featuring the top commentators etc.

Warning: Make sure you have Akismet and/or Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin installed on your blog so, you wont be replying to spam comments, but don’t blindly rely on these plugins, some spam comments can still go through, in that case just delete them.

3. Not Posting Enough

blog postingA common mistake is to post when you have something important to say.

The problem with this is that you find something that’s worth writing about like once a month.

Now, if you want to run a successful blog that’s not enough. You want to be posting frequently. Daily or multiple times a day is the best, but of course it depends on how much time do you have.

You should at the very least find time to write at least one blog post a week no matter what. If you can’t come up with at least one blog post a week it means you aren’t reading enough and you aren’t taking blogging seriously.

The more you write, the faster you will achieve blogging success, but then again don’t make the 4th mistake.


4. Writing Short Articles

Don’t set yourself a goal to write daily and then publish short, 300 word, articles. They rarely generate a lot of traffic. It’s much better to write less blog posts, but longer and higher quality, because the articles where you put in a lot of effort will generate the most traffic.

It all comes down to SEO – longer articles have more content and they rank for more keywords. Also Google is mainly looking to rank high quality content, if we would analyze the first page results on Google we would see that the longer the article, the higher it ranks.

google rankings article length

Content length relation to Google rankings.


So, don’t create a ton of short articles, because they wont get you a lot of traffic. Spend more time to write a decent article that will more likely produce results.


5. Not Promoting Your Blog Posts

blog promotion tips It’s very crucial for blogging success to promote your blog posts. You can write the best articles out there, but if you don’t promote them no one will ever see them and relying on Google to get you traffic isn’t the best idea either.

It can take days or even weeks for Google to index your new blog posts and start sending you traffic, of course if Google even thinks you deserve it.

Also, Google traffic can come and go. One Google algorithm update and all the traffic that you were receiving can disappear. So, you want to have other sources from where you can generate traffic.

Good places to promote your blog posts are social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+. Also, promoting your blog posts on relevant blogging networks can generate a lot of traffic and don’t forget your email list that you are building ;).

If you would like to learn more strategies to generate traffic then check out my course Easy Traffic Checklist.


So, avoid these 5 blogging mistakes and you will be better off than most of the bloggers out there. What do you think are other very common blogging mistakes that I didn’t mention? 

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