Twitter Cards And Pinterest Rich Pins – How The Hell They Can Help You Make More Money

pinterest-photos-twitter-card[1]Not that long ago Twitter released a new function called Twitter cards which allows to feature much more content on Twitter and not just the regular 160 characters and Pinterest came up with Rich pins that give some more info about the image that was pinned. I find these two functions very similar.

Lets get into more detail about each of them starting with Twitter cards.

There are currently 7 twitter cards that can be assigned to a tweet:

Summary: Features a short paragraph and a small image from the link that has been tweeted. The most popular for bloggers.

Product: Features a product that has been tweeted.

Photo: Features an image. You have definitely seen this when tweeting and attaching an image to it.

Summary Large Image: The same as the summary card just with a bigger image.

Player: Features videos and audios. You have definitely seen it under a tweet that had a link to YouTube.

App: Feature a preview of a mobile app.

Gallery: Features an album or gallery.

So, there’s a good variety of Twitter cards that you can use, of course you want to choose the one that suits your website best and for most bloggers it’s going to be either summary or summary with a large image, which I’m going to show you how to install on your WordPress blog in just a minute, but before we go into that I want to talk a bit more why are these Twitter cards important.

The Benefits Of Twitter Cards

How To Install Twitter Cards On WordPressWell, not many people are using Twitter cards yet so, tweets that have an attached card stand out and generate much more attention. Now, I don’t have any real numbers to quote, but I think Twitter cards should generate more traffic and the traffic should be more targeted, because now people can pretty much know what’s waiting for them when they click and when you know what’s waiting for you on the other side you are more likely to click.

Marketers know that overall Twitter traffic is pretty low quality and rarely takes any action, but Twitter cards should change that in a positive direction.

Also, Twitter cards give that trust factor. Imagine a regular Tweet: A face you don’t recognize, a shortened URL and a few words what you may expect on the page. You aren’t very likely to click, right? But when there’s a short summary about the page, telling you what you can expect then you are more likely to click.

Twitter cards are a transition tool for Twitter going from a text based social media site to an image based. Basically now when you expand a tweet with a card it now looks like a Facebook post.

So, these are my thoughts about Twitter Cards

How To Install Twitter Cards On WordPress

1. Install the plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast.

2. Go to the Yoast Social settings, open Twitter configuration and check the bx next to “Add twitter card meta data”

3. Go to , login, click Validate & Apply, enter your URL, click apply.

4. Wait around 24 hours to get approved.

5. Enjoy!

Now, every single time you share your website on Twitter a card will appear below it.

Pinterest Rich Pins

Pinterest Rich Pins So, now lets talk about Pinterest. It release something very similar – Rich Pins.

Types of Rich Pins:

Product pins: Lets you feature some details about the product that was pined price, store etc.
Recipe pins: Lets you feature the recipe below your pin.
Movie pins: Lets you feature some details about the movie below your pin.
Article pins: Lets you feature the favicon of your website, a short description and some other stuff below your pin.

For me it seems that this update is focused more for advertisers, to make advertising on Pinterest more appealing, it’s probably the same with Twitter cards though with Pinterest it looks more obvious.

Now, I can’t say that these rich pins are something amazing. Well, yeah they should get a bit more attention, because they have these bold titles in the feed, but getting noticed wasn’t really a problem on Pinterest like it was on Twitter. The image is everything on Pinterest and a few more details about the page wont make a big difference.

How To Install Pinterest Rich Pins

1. Install the appropriate meta tags on your website. Click the link to learn how

2. Go to paste in a URL of your website and click validate.

3. You’re done.

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