How To Get More Twitter Followers (It’s Not What You Expect)

How To Get More Twitter FollowersI haven’t written a blog post in ages. Been busy with all kinds of things except blogging, though I hope to get back in the rhythm and start producing content regularly again. If you want me to answer a specific question in my blog posts then leave it on the Got Questions page and I will do my best to answer it. After all I’m creating these blog posts to help you and is there a better way to help than answering your questions. 🙂

So, lets dive into today’s topic!

I got a question that asked: “What is the best way to gain twitter followers?”

Well, I want to go very deep on this. First, why do you want those followers in the first place? You, probably ain’t some ego maniac who wants those followers just to feel good, there’s probably a better reason than that. Me thinks you want to build an audience on Twitter, but then again why do you want that? Do you want to have people interacting with you and re-tweeting your content? You would want that, because…? Because you want to generate traffic to your offer and make money, right?

Are Followers Really What You Need?

What is the best way to gain twitter followers?So, it’s not really about getting Twitter followers, in essence it’s about generating traffic and making sales. Now, that you are clear on your goals we can start working from here.

You want traffic and not just any kind, but laser targeted traffic, because it’s the only kind of traffic that will buy from you and you chose to use Twitter as your traffic generation tool…

It’s Trending So, It Has To Be Good, Right?

Now, why Twitter? I really don’t see it as a significant platform to generate traffic. I believe there are much better ways of generating traffic, especially when you are just starting out. In my opinion most people are just following the trend of social media and think that this is the best place to be working on, but it’s not.

Twitter is a bottom line marketing strategy. I personally use Twitter just to share my posts, occasional clever thoughts that come to my mind and to curate some awesome blog posts that I find on the internet. That’s pretty much it.

Do I get thousands and thousands of visitors from Twitter? No. Do I generate new followers? Yes, most of my followers come from my blog when they re-tweet my content and I slowly build my audience.

Twitter – Time Well Wasted

increasing your productivity levels Could you be doing more stuff on Twitter and generate more traffic? Yes, but the time spent on Twitter wouldn’t pay off. As I said there are better ways to generate traffic like blogging or video blogging and you then use Twitter to share your content to get slightly more traffic, over time you will build an audience on Twitter, which will send you more traffic bit by bit, but it’s going to be very slow that’s why you don’t want to focus on it.

So, think about it, do you want to work your ass off on Twitter and not see any results or you would rather chose a different traffic generation strategy that would produce sales and make you money? Yup, I thought so. Here’s a shortlist of strategies for generating traffic that produce results:


blogging attraction marketingUse the power of attraction marketing. Create valuable content for your target audience, share your best tips and tricks and you will start generating laser targeted traffic. Use Twitter to share your blog posts to get more traffic. I recommend to start your blog with Empower Network, you will get a ready made blog that’s set for making money and you will also get all the training needed to start a highly successful blog.

Video Blogging

If you don’t like to write and you aren’t afraid of cameras then video blogging might be a better fit for you. Though even, if you are afraid, there are ways how you can create videos without being on the camera. Again, it’s very similar to blogging, you share valuable content that’s relevant for your target market and you will attract traffic. Also, you can share your videos on Twitter.

Guest Blogging

Maybe you don’t want to own your blog, though I certainly don’t recommend that and you don’t want to create videos, but you would enjoy writing then guest blogging could be a good choice for you. You create content for relevant blogs and they allow you to have a link back to your website which can be a squeeze page. So, you convert that traffic into leads and then into sales.

Paid Traffic

paid traffic strategy If you don’t want to create content then you can pay for the traffic and send it directly to your squeeze page. You can buy solo ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, do media buys etc. There are tons of places that are ready to send you traffic, if you are ready to pay them. I recommend choosing one place for buying traffic and mastering it. A good one to start with would be Facebook ads or solo ads.

Pick what resonates with you and start working on it. Forget getting Twitter followers just for now, use Twitter to spread your content and that’s it. Definitely don’t go to Fiverr and buy yourself some followers, those wont help you, believe me.


Twitter is a bottom line marketing strategy and it shouldn’t be your main focus. Choose a traffic generation strategy that produces results and start working on it.

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