Why Advertising Like Coca-Cola Will Get Your Business Bankrupt

Why Advertising Like Coca-Cola Will Get Your Business Bankrupt I watched an interesting training video about advertising on Facebook. The strategy I learnt can also be applied on other places that have the right functionality that I’m going to discus in a minute.

Basically, the training started by introducing an idea that everyone is competing for the same traffic and as more people join the “competition”, the harder it is for the average fellow to make a profit. After all, you likely have an advertising budget of a few hundred dollars and the big brands like Coca-Coal have millions to spend.

Big Brands Can Eat You Alive

Competing with them is hard. So, if you wish to succeed, you need to do advertise differently. Instead of going for the same USA, Canada, UK and Australia traffic, that all the big brands are going for, branch out and include more countries in your targeting like India, Mexico, Brasil etc.

Why would you want to do that?

Well, because the traffic is much cheaper, the big brands aren’t spending their bucks there so, the price isn’t inflated.

Though you immediately have objections for this traffic, right? People from these countries wont buy, they aren’t quality traffic and they don’t speak English.

Demystifying Traffic

These objections are false.

The first objection that they wont buy from you. Sure an average fellow from India has less spending power than someone from USA, but that doesn’t mean no one in India can afford your $47 product.

Still, I don’t suggest targeting the poorest countries. Do a little bit of research on Google about the economics of them. And even if they wont buy you can still benefit from them (see second objection).

The second objection that the traffic is low quality. Well, they probably aren’t your ideal customers, but all the traffic from Facebook or Google AdWords is quality traffic, it’s not like they are bots or something.

Though this traffic is best to be used for building an audience – email list, Facebook fanpage or whatever. Once you have an audience, attracting buyers will get so much easier.     

The third objection that they don’t speak English. English is a very popular language, on every corner of the globe you can find someone that speaks English. There are plenty of countries that have English as their second language.

The good part is that you don’t need to target them blindly, advertising platforms like Facebook, Google AdWords and others have the option to target people by language. So, no problem here.

Where To Use This Cheap Traffic

If you are brand spanking new then use this strategy to kick start your business to build that email list and then use ad swaps to get traffic from USA, UK etc. and grow even further.

You can also use this strategy to build a Facebook fanpage, you will then have an audience that spreads your content and you will start generating USA traffic as well.

Try to experiment and see, if this traffic converts for your offers. Even though the traffic has lower spending power, but it also is cheaper so, it could even out pretty nicely.

By broadening your reach you will generate traffic much much cheaper. You will go out of the overcrowded niche into a place full of cheap opportunity.

And as your business grows as well as your advertising budget, you can then start focusing on the main countries.

So, you can use different approaches that fit your business, but definitely take action on this.

To summarize: try out targeting people from other countries that have high spending power and big populations of English speaking people. Examples: Brasil, Mexico, Spain, India, Chile, Ireland.

Lets get to work now!

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