Fanpage Engagement Is Down What To Do About It

UPDATE: Why You Should Immediately Stop Your Facebook Page Like Campaigns

facebook fanpage engagement dropped If you are running a fanpage on Facebook you are very likely to have noticed a huge decrease in engagement. For my fanpage in the self-improvement niche it was a huge hit. We now have the engagement that we had like 3-4 months ago with just 10% of the fans that we have now. So, basically we went from having more than 1 thousand fans up to 12 thousand fans and our engagement stayed pretty much at the same level.

So, what did happen?

Well, Facebook made changes to the system that evaluates what posts should people see and posts by fanpages are now greatly devalued. Facebook wants people to have a great user experience so, they want to show more posts of their friends and not brands.

From the perspective of a Facebook user I applaud these changes, because the news feed was getting kinda ridiculous. You could miss the posts of even your closest friends and the engagement on personal posts has gone down which I didn’t like at all. Still, I doubt these changes are going to solve the problem, but at least they are moving the right direction. I want my photos seen by my friends for God’s sake.

From the perspective of an entrepreneur I’m pretty mad. There was only one fast way to build an audience on fanpage and that was Facebook ads and now they basically say it’s not good enough. Sounds like money well wasted.

So, what to do if you still want to reach that big Facebook audience?

Well, it’s quite obvious by now I think – spend money on ads. Just spending money to get likes isn’t enough, Facebook wants more, you now need to also pay for page post engagement, if you want your posts to be seen by your audience.

I did try to experiment with different kinds of posts, maybe I was doing something wrong… I tried text only, image, image + text, link, link + text etc. Yet, the engagement is still gone and likely not coming back and yes it is this way for everyone, except a few lucky ones that probably don’t even know themselves how did they managed to keep that engagement high.

If you don’t like that you need to pay twice to be seen on Facebook then go look for traffic elsewhere, because Facebook saw a big increase in revenue after they implemented this so, chances are the good old days are not coming back.

I’m very likely to abandon the Facebook fanpages completely, advertising money is better spent elsewhere.

How much did your fanpage engagement dropped?  

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