Why You Should Immediately Stop Your Facebook Page Like Campaigns

facebook fraud Hey there,

I have a very important video to share with you, if you use Facebook for marketing. Especially, if you advertise your fanpages on the Facebook advertising platform.

This video actually blew my mind. I had talked in my old blog posts that you shouldn’t buy likes from these click farms, because they provide fake likes, those fans then don’t engage with your fanpage and your engagement drops even though you have more fans.

Yet I would have never even thought about that you could get the same fake likes when advertising on Facebook. This now explains why my fanpage in the self-improvement niche is getting the same engagement with 12k likes as it was with 3k likes.

The video got around a million views in just two days so, I hope it will get noticed by Facebook and it will be a good kick in the butt for them and they will take action on this issue.

So, now that you know this, what you should do?

Well, as the title says, stop your advertising campaigns for page likes. Now, you can still get real likes from Facebook, but if you aren’t and advanced advertiser it will be tricky.

I recommend reading this article by Jon Loomer who is a Facebook advertising expert and goes so much deeper about this issue. Click here!

If you are advertising only external websites on Facebook then you shouldn’t be worried too much, though wonder how much fake traffic is fluctuating around Facebook.

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