How Not Comparing Yourself With Others Will Help You Succeed


Today, I watched two videos by very influential marketers – Jonathan Budd and Daegan Smith.

One video was on the topic of not comparing your results with everyone else’s and the other was about not having expectations about your business, until you have experience.

Those videos relate to each other very closely, just that they offer different perspectives.

And in this email I want to give my own perspective on why you shouldn’t compare yourself with others.

So, when I got started online I didn’t knew what to expect, my brain was looking for any info that gave predictions…

Soon enough I heard about the famous stat:

$1/month per subscriber.

Oh boy, if I could describe how motivated I was after hearing this.

For me it meant that I needed to build a list of 1000 subscribers and I’m all set to live a comfortable life here in Lithuania.

Just 1000 subscribers, that can’t be too hard.

Sadly the prediction wasn’t quite true.

I built that list of 1000, but wasn’t earning nothing close to that, actually I wasn’t earning a single cent.



To be honest at that level of experience that I had I would probably have needed a list of 10 000 to make that $1000/month that I wanted.

My squeeze pages were terrible…

I was using super low quality traffic sources…

My funnel was just my squeeze page…

To conclude my thought, it’s not that the $1/month per subscriber statistic is wrong, there are plenty of marketers that are making even more than that, it’s just that I wasn’t experienced enough to achieve it.

Building a business is hard you know.

So, if you have a list and you are earning $0,05 per subscriber a month, don’t give up keep going and keep growing.

And if you aren’t making a cent, don’t get discouraged, building a list is the way to go and your brake though will come soon.

Don’t compare yourself with others and especially don’t compare yourself with the marketers that are doing this for years.

Of course they are getting better results than you are…duh..

Compare your results to yourself and try doing a little better every day.


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Liudas Butkus

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