How Bad Are The Things In Ukraine And Why I’m Afraid


I want to talk about a topic that’s on my mind lately.

It’s the things happening in Ukraine.

It all started with protests inside Ukraine against their corrupted president and most of the other officials after they rejected signing the association agreement with European Union.


I applaud the people of Ukraine for having the courage to go out in the streets and fight for their rights.

Democracy in fact is the government of the people.

It took around 3 months for Ukraine to change the corrupted Government, though they were almost on the edge of breaking into a civil war.

Ukraine looked as if a zombie apocalypse has started during the days.

Now, they have a temporary Governement and will be electing a new president and the government in 3 months, if everything goes okay.

Though it doesn’t seem it will go smoothly from the current stuff that’s happening.

Russia wants to benefit from all this fighting. It invests so much money into military every year, equivalent to holding two winter Olympic games in a year and nowadays it’s quite peaceful around the world so, they don’t have where to capitalize on it.

So, Russia already has its troops invaded Ukraine to be exact the Krym region, which has a very huge percentage of Russians.

And they even have an excuse for this “we are protecting Russians from the new illegal Government of Ukraine”.

Stupid, I know.

And the worst part is that no one is doing anything to Russia, except for scaring it to be expelled from the Great 8, or some other political nonsense that Putin (president of Russia) couldn’t care less about.

Now, in case you don’t know I’m from Lithuania, which is a small European country at the Baltic sea and we have a boarder with Russia, the Kaliningrad region.

And currently in Kaliningrad there’s a huge military practice happening to show off their power. Kaliningrad is just 3 hours drive from my home.

To be honest that scares me.

I read an article today that Poland is dislocating their troops at the Ukraine boarder.

Just in case I guess.

Again I applaud this, because by the things I’m reading it seems that this is the only real move made against Russia, a move that involves military, except for Ukraine mobilizing its country, which again is very difficult for them, because even the troops aren’t supporting the new Government and that’s a whole other story.

Still the worst thing is that everyone is afraid of doing anything against Russia.

NATO is sitting and waiting for a really good reason to do something, because Ukraine isn’t a part of NATO and the invasion of Russia isn’t a good enough reason to start a war.

Though by the trends in politics I doubt that even, if Ukraine was a part of NATO, that the situation would be any different.


Ukraine was always very dependent on Russia and that lead to Ukraine being the only country which’s economy hasn’t grown (and even dropped) after the collapse of soviet union. And Russia just don’t want to let go of it.

Anyways what this has to do with marketing, well not that much, but I just had to talk about it.

Marketing skills wont do me any good, if Russian troops start marching through Lithuania.

Peace out

    • Liudas Butkus
      March 6, 2014 | Reply

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