Facebook Fraud Killed Your Fan Page Engagement: Here Are 3 Ways How To Get It Back. One Way Can Get Your Engagement Up Immediately

increase fan page engagement Not that long ago I wrote several blog posts about the problems with Facebook fan pages. It all started from my own observations of my fan page which was growing in size, but the engagement was staying the same and even started to drop.

Later, the Facebook fraud video got released, which explained why the engagement of fan pages were dropping, if you didn’t saw the video then you need to know that the problem was with fake fans from developing countries and other fake fans who like everything so Facebook couldn’t spot them.

The explanation was clear, but the video didn’t suggest any solutions so, it left people trying to figure out a way to get the engagement up by themselves or just forced them to give up on Facebook fan pages altogether.

This blog post is like a sequel to all these blog posts that I wrote, but instead of talking about the problems I will share with you 3 solutions how to get rid of the fake likes and build an engaging audience on a Facebook fan page.

solutions for removing fake likes

Facebook Algorithm


Before we talk about the solutions, it’s good to have a basic understanding of the Facebook algorithm which goes like this:

You publish a post and it reaches a small chunk of your fans, if they engage, the reach increases and more people see your stuff.

If the small chunk of people who saw your fan page didn’t engage then your post doesn’t spread and you reach very few people.

When you have tons of fake likes then likely very few real fans are going to see your post and engage with it so, your reach drops. 

Ideally you would want to have only fans that are targeted and active, but when there are so many fake fans circulating around Facebook it’s quite a challenge to maintain a pure fan base.

facebook algorithm

Solution # 1 – Deleting Fans


A very basic and a lot of manual labor requiring solution is to delete fake fans one by one.

Less fake fans equals higher engagement, but this solution of course can help only, if you have a small fan page.

In the video I show you how to delete fans from a fan page.

Solution # 2 – Disabling Click Farm Countries


There’s a setting in Facebook fan pages which allows to ban specific countries from seeing your fan page. A good idea would be to ban the countries that are famous for their click farms – India, Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Indonesia, Bangladesh.

This would have a positive impact for your fan page’s engagement, because your posts wont be shown to people from these countries which usually are very disengaging and your posts would be shown to people from countries that are more engaging.

If you are running a business in a specific country then you can choose to show your fan page only to that country and disabling all the rest. This immediately cuts off a ton of people who are no use to you and again the engagement goes up.

In the video I show you how to set up the country restrictions.

Solution # 3 – Advertise Only To Active People


The last solution is to use custom audiences. You can build audiences of people who have proven to engage with content on Facebook. When you use a proper custom audience like that you know that you wont be getting fake likes.

Of course this will give you the best results when starting a new fan page, but it also helps to increase the engagement of an existing fan page, because you get real fans and your engagement goes up.

In the video I show you how to create custom audiences that target only active people in your Facebook ads.

Take Action


This is what you can do to increase the engagement of your fan pages and fight the fake likes from click farms. It’s best to use all these methods all at once (obviously the first solution is only for small fan pages). Adopt the strategies and you will start building an engaged audience that likes, shares and comments your posts.

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