Getting Back To The Principles On How To Make Money Online

How To Make Money OnlineI haven’t been active on my blog lately, but I sure am working a lot on my business and all kinds of interesting things are happening that I want to share.

Firstly, I sold my part of a self-improvement business to my partner. That business was my biggest success till now, because it was producing predictable income.

Without going into too much detail, we decided to split the roads with my partner and I’m now left with only money in the bank, but without any business assets that produce money.

So, this was a big kick in the ass to start taking massive action. I now need to build another business that produces income until I run out of money. I’ll be honest it’s quite stressful, but as you know pain is a very powerful motivator.

A New Start


Now, I wont really be building a business from scratch. No, I was building this internet marketing business on the side for a very long time while working on the self-improvement business. So, I have a lot of stuff in place just that it doesn’t yet produce any predictable income.

My goal is to start making $1000/month from my internet marketing business.

I have already achieved that income level with a partner and I know how we got there, what steps we took etc. Now, I need to recreate it on my own.

My initial plan for reaching my goal was to build a list using the funds that I had, start doing ad swaps to build my list exponentially and then monetize the list. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is, but the devil is in the details.


My First Mentor


To get me on track I got an internet marketing coach Tom Yevsikov. I have always wanted a coach to help me succeed faster, but I just didn’t have the money. Whenever I saw a coaching offer it was usually at least 4 figures and that was too big of an investment, but Tom had a really special deal that I couldn’t resist. I’m really glad I took it.

So far he was a really great help. Tom pointed out a lot of fundamental mistakes that I have made and that I need to start building a funnel, because what I had, was just a squeeze page and a trip wire offer (more on that later). To build a business you need a decent funnel to recoup the advertising costs and to make a profit.


The Guru Funnel Blueprint


I really resonate with the funnel process of Ryan Deiss , which I’m working on to build right now.

The Guru Funnel Blueprint

Squeeze Page


It starts with a squeeze page – the page where you send all your traffic and generate leads. Very basic stuff.


Trip Wire Offer


Then you introduce your leads with a Trip Wire offer. It’s a very high value offer sold for dirt cheap, making it irresistible. All the top internet marketers started implementing this to their funnels. Some examples would be Ruseell Brunson’s 108 Proven Split Test Winners , which I bought myself and I show it off in my video about Split Testing. Next, there’s Frank Kern’s book Convert, which I also ordered, but it hadn’t yet arrived. One last example would be by Ryan Deiss from his survival life business, the Credit Card Knife. I was also tempted to order this, because it was so cheap, but I didn’t…Yet.

split testing


Note: I’m not an affiliate for any of these offers.

These trip wires are almost irresistible, if you are interested in that topic. They convert so well that the examples I shown, are even being used without a squeeze page (meaning all the traffic is sent to the trip wire instead of squeeze page). So, they are building only buyer lists. Personally, I don’t recommend skipping the squeeze page part.


Core Product


Next there’s the core product. Again, basic, but necessary stuff. Core product is much more expensive than the trip wire and you offer it once a person buys the trip wire. The money you make from the trip wire and the core product should be enough to cover the advertising costs, if it doesn’t, don’t worry, you still have the next step for getting back the advertising costs and making a profit.


Profit Maximizer


You offer this after the you sell the core product. The profit maximizer is a high ticket product, it can be a continuity offer as well. You make the big bucks out of it.


Follow Up


Of course, there’s follow up in every step of the way. If someone gets the trip wire, but doesn’t buy the core product, you send follow ups promoting the core product. If they just optin, you follow up with the trip wire etc.




So, this is the funnel that I’m aiming to build. Creating so many products sure is challenging, but I’m using PLR’s to save time.

As I said I already have the squeeze page and trip wire in place. Now, working on two upsells and follow up. Once that will be done I will start sending traffic to my funnel and see how it all goes.

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