MyBlogGuest And A Whole Network Of Sites (Including Mine) Got Manually Penalized By Google

MyBlogGuest Got Penalized By Google Today in the morning I received an email from Google Webmasters, which said that one of my blogs got manually penalized for unnatural outbound links. Meaning that Google found links on my website that are violating Google’s policy. More on why I don’t care about the penalty a bit later.

In the afternoon, I stumbled on an article, which talked about that Google penalized a guest blogging network. Here’s the tweet from Matt Cutts, which was featured in the article:

And here’s the tweet of Ann Smarty saying that it was MyBlogGuest that was hit, which is one of the largest guest blogging websites out there:

So, I realized that it wasn’t really my website that Google didn’t like so much, to take manual action on it. No, it was penalized, because it was in the network of MyBlogGuest. To make myself clear it wasn’t easym6 that got penalized, it was my other website that I own.

To better explain the term “network of MyBlogGuest”, here’s another tweet from Matt Cutts:

So, tons of sites will be penalized. If you have used MyBlogGuest and your site isn’t penalized yet, it’s probably just a matter of time, but don’t worry, read the Google recommendations below to learn how to lift the penalty.

Personally, I don’t worry that my blog got penalized, I was using it more like a test site and was even thinking of shutting it down, but I kept getting some weird deals here and there for some extra money so, I kept it online.

To be honest, that blog should have been penalized long time ago and it probably was already penalized by Panda and Penguin updates.

Now, I was thinking that after getting a manual penalty, the blog will get completely out off the radar, but so far it got the same amount of search engine traffic, like the day before and when I search the brand name of my blog it’s still at the first position on Google. Will see how it will go later on.

Google Recommendations For Lifting The Penalty

If you were using MyBlogGuest, got penalized and want to lift the manual penalty then you need to get rid off or add the nofollow attribute to the unnatural links. These are most likely going to be the links in the guest posts you accepted using MyBlogGuest, though you should take care of all the suspicious links that you have.

Once that’s done, go to Webmaster Tools. Click Search Traffic>Manual Actions and request a review. Then, if you fixed the site accordingly the penalty should be lifted.

Been Burnt By SEO

I have been burnt for doing all kinds of SEO shenanigans in the past and because of that I keep my main sites super safe. On easym6 I don’t use any SEO strategies. I don’t build backlinks, I don’t accept guest posts etc. Almost, every time I used an SEO strategy it backfired on me. My recommendation to you would be to stay away from SEO.

Building a business relying on SEO techniques or even relying on Google traffic for that matter is setting yourself for failure. There are tons of other ways how to generate traffic that don’t rely on Google click here to learn more about it!

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