3 Tips For Increasing The Conversion Rate Of Your Squeeze Page

3 Tips For Increasing The Conversion Rate Of Your Squeeze PageI remember the days when I just got started and signed up for my first autoresponder. I created my first list and got the HTML code for my webform. I didn’t really know anything about HTML, but I managed to install that form and create my very own squeeze page.

Yes, it definitely looked ugly, but I was happy just by getting the page up and running, I wasn’t even concerned about the conversion rate yet. I knew nothing how this all internet marketing thing goes, but I kept learning by doing every mistake possible.

In this blog post I want to share with you 3 simple tips for increasing the conversion rate of your squeeze page that even a newbie can implement today.

1.Ask Only For Necessary Information

A very common mistake that beginners and even intermediate marketers do is they ask for too much information. This greatly decrease the conversion rate. The more fields you have for your leads to fill out, the lower the conversion rate will be.

For example, you can find squeeze pages that ask for loads of information: address, gender, first name, last name, phone number etc. Now, it’s totally cool, if that info is necessary for your business, but if not then you are losing leads.

Probably the most common example would be people asking for the name and email, but not using personalization. So, basically they are gathering all those names for nothing.

Ideally ask only for the email address on your squeeze page for the highest conversions and if your business requires add whatever fields are necessary, but only if they are necessary.

2. Make It Simple

Simple, minimalistic squeeze pages tend to convert the best. You add too many elements and your squeeze page conversion starts to drop. I believe it’s, because the more info you put on your squeeze page the more salesy it starts to look and people start to expect a sales page after they opt in so, they don’t.

It’s best to provoke curiosity to make people opt in, you do that by providing very little info and having a compelling headline. The structure of your squeeze page should go like this: a headline, opt in form and an image of the product you are giving away, if you have one.

So, if your squeeze page looks more like a sales page, you will be better off by simplifying it and removing unneeded parts.

3. Use Red Headlines

I read about this in a book called “108 Proven Split Test Winners” by DotComSecrets Labs. They ran several tests on their squeeze pages and whenever they made their headlines red, the conversions increased significantly. It’s probably, because the red color immediately draws attention and the headline gets read.

So, try this one out on your squeeze page as well.

4. Test

Okay, I’m adding one extra tip. Test everything yourself!

I gave you these 3 tips that are proven to increase conversions universally across multiple niches, but it just might be that it won’t work for you for whatever reason.

Who knows, right? Maybe people in your audience are afraid of giving away their emails and they need more information before they opt in. Maybe when you add an additional field to your squeeze page, your audience trusts you more. Maybe your audience hates red headlines.

Well, who knows so, test out yourself.

Anyways, these are the tips that I wanted to give you. Again the first 3 tips almost always increase conversions, but don’t be afraid to test, because stuff changes. I remember when ugly pages converted better and now this is no longer true.

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