The Complete Internet Marketing Business Plan That You Should Follow If You Want To Succeed Fast

internet marketing business plan Are you blogging to get traffic to your website, but once the visitors come, they read one or two blog posts, maybe share them on social media and then leave your site without ever coming back?

Well, to make money you need your visitors to take some kind of action, for which you would get paid.

So, you put ad widgets all over your site, hoping to get a few bucks from advertising, but you do realize that once they click an ad, they are likely to bounce off your site without ever coming back again?

Not good, because you will need to consistently generate more and more traffic to make money and if you rely on Google for traffic, then you are on a very slippery slope, because it can disappear one day with all your income.

So, how can you generate traffic once and profit from it over and over? 

The Money Is In…

…the list. You can hear it from all the internet marketing gurus and it’s completely true.

Imagine this, you send traffic to a site and you capture a percentage of them into your email list. Now, you can email those people and send them back to your blog or whatever page that you like for as many times as you want.

You now have the power to create traffic on demand. Need to promote something? Send an email to your list and before you know it, you will have people checking it out.

If you provide great value with your emails then your subscribers are going to stick around and you will keep building an audience that is waiting to hear from you and see what you have to offer them.

Reaching the Critical Mass

Building a list can take a lot of time. If you only add 1 or 2 people a day, it will take a long time until you will reach a critical mass of subscribers. By critical mass I mean 1000 – 2000 email subscribers.

When you reach the critical mass, you then have the foundation that allows you to grow much faster and it opens up a lot of business opportunities.

Until you reach that critical mass, you won’t be generating a lot of traffic. Just because you have 100 people on your list that doesn’t mean all 100 will open your emails and click the links. You can expect around 5% of subscribers opening your emails and even fewer clicking your links.

Also, with time your list becomes less responsive so, if you are building a list very slowly, then at the time you reach the critical mass a big portion of your list will be disengaged.

You Need Momentum When Building a List

It’s best to reach that critical mass fast, because a bigger part of your list will be engaged and this will allow you to start growing even faster with ad swaps. An ad swap is when you find a partner with a similar size list and you promote him to your list and he promotes you to his list.

So, both of you grow your lists for free and fast, but to do ad swaps you need to predictably deliver at least 25 clicks per email and you can do that once you have reached the critical mass of subscribers.

The best and fastest way to build a list is with solo ads. A solo ad is an ad sent to someone’s email list.

Well, what are the advantages of solo ads over other traffic sources? Firstly, you are advertising to people who know how to subscribe to email lists and to people who are obviously checking their emails. Secondly, the traffic is very well targeted, because people build lists in specific niches. Thirdly, solo ads deliver the traffic super fast.

Where to Find the Best Solo Ads

Finding solo ad sellers in the internet marketing niche is a piece of cake. The easiest way is to do a Google search for “internet marketing solo ads” and you will find a bunch of people to start with.

Now, a better way is to sign up to – a marketplace for solo ads. The economical principle of supply and demand kicks in so, the prices are very low there. Also, you can find reviews about all the sellers before buying from them. You can start testing out for as low as $15.

Another great marketplace for solo ads is , but without the paid membership it’s quite limited, but you can still buy solo ads.

Update: Safe-swaps no longer offer the option to buy solo ads.

Quick Tips for Buying Solo Ads

  • Test small. Don’t go all in with one seller. Test out with 50 – 100 click packages and see the results you are getting.
  • Have a high converting squeeze page by giving away something really useful, to entice people to opt-in. 20% conversion rate for a squeeze page is considered low. Consistent 40% conversion rate is what you should be aiming at, but of course the higher the better.
  • Write a good swipe email. Not every solo ad seller is going to use it as it is, but if they do, you want it to be good.
  • Track your results. Make sure to use tracking software like Pretty Link or something more advanced to track how many clicks you are getting.

You Reached the Critical Mass Now What

Hear me out now. If you are just a beginner, you won’t likely be profitable with solo ads. To be profitable you would need a sales funnel with several high quality products all perfectly tied up.

Now, you can cover some advertising costs with a simple funnel, but don’t worry, if it’s going to be only 20% or less. It’s very challenging to tweak a funnel to get it profitable.

So, you don’t want to buy solo ads forever (unless you have a funnel that covers 100% of the advertising cost), because you will get broke. Once you reach the critical mass, you then want to start doing ad swaps. This will help you grow your list for free. At first it’s going to be slow, but once you grow your list bigger it will gain momentum and you will be adding hundreds of new subscribers per day, all for free.

Where Do You Start Doing Ad Swaps

I would guess there are as many solo ad sellers, as there are people wanting to do ad swaps. Now, I would say it’s a little bit harder to find them, because they don’t advertise that they do ad swaps. Anyways, here’s how you can find them.

Firstly, you can search on Google for internet marketing blogs and if they are building a list you can contact them and ask if they are interested in a swap. Another place to find people to swap with are marketing forums like  .

Now, the main way for finding ad swap partners is Safe-Swaps. If you will want to do ad swaps you will need to get their premium membership, which is $29/month. You should easily earn that back once you start doing ad swaps.

Update: I no longer recommend using safe-swaps for finding ad swap partners. There are a lot of scammers out there and their support isn’t doing nothing about them.

Quick Tips for Doing Ad Swaps

  • Ideally I would recommend having a list that can deliver ~25 clicks per email. If you start with less, you can burn off your list faster than you are building it.
  • Rewrite the swipe emails of your partners. Put in some personality of yours. Your subscribes could stop responding to your emails rather fast, if you keep sending them garbage.
  • Don’t send unrelated offers to your list. If you are building an internet marketing list then don’t send offers about losing 7 pounds in two days.

You Are On Your Way to Making a Living from Your List

Just by doing ad swaps and adding new subscribers to your list you can start making a decent living. Imagine growing your list to a point where you can send 1000 clicks per email. It will take time to reach it, but it’s possible.

Now, imagine you find swap partners every other day, that means 15 000 clicks to your page per month. With a high 50% conversion rate that’s 7500 new leads to your list. Let’s say 1 out of 50 leads buy a $50 product from you. So, that would be $7500/month.

Let’s do a pessimistic scenario. Let’s say you are having a hard time finding swap partners and only every 4 days you find a partner. That would be 8 swaps per month and 8000 clicks to your squeeze page. With a low conversion rate of 30% that’s 2400 new leads. Let’s say that only 1 out of a hundred buys your $50 product. That still leaves you with a $1200/month income just from ad swaps.

Add More Income Sources

When you have a list that can deliver 1000 clicks per email, adding new income sources is easy. One of the most popular ways to monetize a list is to start selling solo ads. A single solo ad of 1000 clicks cost from $350 to $500 or more. If you would sell only 10 of these a month, that would give you a $3500 – $5000 income.

You can also sell affiliate products to your list or promote product launches. Usually in a product launch they say that their funnel has a $1 EPC. This means, for every click that you send you should be making $1. So, from a single email you could be earning $1000 and what if the EPC is $2, $3 or even higher. Not to mention the launch prizes you could win.

You can also create your own products, promote them to your list and get paid 100% of the product cost.

Now, this is all math, but when it comes to real life, it can be completely different. So, I can’t guarantee that you will make any money, though this is a proven plan that many have followed and made money, including me.

Now, actually I’m back at square one again after selling my self-improvement business and I try to replicate the process all over again.

Now, at what part of the plan are you? Trying to reach the critical mass of subscribers? Doing ad swaps and growing your list? Creating products and monetizing your list? Let me know in the comments below. 

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