Tired of Posting On Forums for Peanuts of Traffic? Here’s How You Really Get Traffic

Tired of Posting On Forums for Peanuts of Traffic? Here's How You Really Get TrafficYou already know that building a list is crucial, if you want to succeed online.

There are many strategies how you can build a list. All the strategies fall under one of two categories: free methods or paid methods.

The problem with free methods are that they take a lot of time before you see any results and the problem with paid methods are that they cost money.

Personally, I keep experimenting with both. I do blogging and video blogging (free) and I also do Facebook ads, solo ads (paid) etc. I try to find what works best for me and I’m open to learning new strategies.

Paid Strategy for List Building

Quite some time ago I bought an internet marketing course, which covered a paid traffic source for list building. The strategy was free WSO’s. For me it takes a while until I find the time to go through a course so, just recently I put it to the test.

Now, lets back up a bit. What is a WSO? Firstly, WSO stands for Warrior Special Offers. The name comes from the Warrior Forum, which is the biggest internet marketing forum out there.

The name gives away the meaning. WSO is an offer inside the forum, for the forum members. Now, the offer can be free or paid, but for list building you want to give away something for free in exchange for their email address.

So, how the whole process of running a free WSO goes?

Firstly, you need to register at http://www.warriorforum.com/ . Not that long ago you had to pay a one time fee of $10 to join, but now after Freelancer.com bought them, they are back to being free.

Next, to post threads in the Warrior Special Offers section you need to be a war room member, which is $20/year. You also get access to other private parts of the forum as a war room member so, the price is easily justifiable.

What to Give Away

If you hope to get subscribers by giving away a PLR book then think again. The product should be very high value and up to date. Not some old strategy that doesn’t work anymore. It’s a good idea to create the product yourself.

Also research what is trending on the forum. If you give away something about a new topic, you will definitely get better responses.

If you have a paid product, giveaway a module or two for free.

Creating the Free Warrior Special Offer

Now, that you have everything set up it’s time to create your free WSO. It actually looks the same as any other forum thread, but its purpose is a bit different.

Creating the Free Warrior Special Offer

To write a high converting thread you can use many different copywriting structures. The simplest one and the one I used was: headline (1), copy (2), call to action (3). You could go even further and turn the thread into a whole sales page for your WSO, but in my opinion that would be overselling.

Personally, I view it as a squeeze page and as a rule of thumb, less elements on the squeeze page gets higher conversions.

Well, the best idea when writing your free WSO thread would be to look at other successful WSO’s and replicate them.

Tip: turn off your signature for the free WSO.

Getting the Most of Your Free WSO

Once you have a product to giveaway and you wrote the WSO thread, a moderator will need to approve your thread, after that you will need to pay $20 and you will be live.

It’s best to approve your thread on high traffic hours to get more visibility. The first hours are crucial, because you are on the very top and you get the most views. You will get the most visibility while your thread is on the first page, but it will stay there usually for a day, because it gets pushed out by new threads.

You will still get visitors for several more days and then it will stop, because your thread will get buried deep down. If you had great results, you can consider bumping your thread back to page one for another $20. You can do that for as many times as you like.

Another way to get more eyeballs on your thread is to make it sticky. Just for $200 it will be on the very top for 24 hours. Yes, it’s quite expensive and if you don’t know your conversion numbers I don’t recommend it.

Also, social proof is very important. The more comments you have the more visitors you will get. So, as soon you get a comment make sure to reply to it, comments beget comments. If you have a big following on social media, make sure to share your thread to get those comments going.

My Results from a Free WSO

After going through the training that I had bought, I decided to try this method. You can see my free WSO thread right here: www.warriorforum.com

I was giving away a free video from my paid product and the upsell was the full product. To create the WSO thread I took elements from my sales page. I had no trouble getting approved.

My squeeze page converted very high, around 60%. This is, because the traffic is already pre sold in the WSO thread.

I got 58 unique visitors and 35 new subscribers. That’s 57 cents per subscriber, if we don’t add the war room membership fee.

Now, I didn’t stop there. After a week, when the traffic died off, I bumped my thread and got 40 unique visitors and 24 new subscribers. That’s 83 cents per subscriber.

Was It Worth It?

Honestly, I was expecting much better results. Yes, 57 cents per subscriber is super cheap, but I was expecting to get sales, because in the training he showed how he got 200% ROI and me, well I didn’t make any sales.

After I bumped the thread the results were worse 83 cents per subscriber, which is still good compared to solo ads, but still no sales.

And if I added all the costs, including the war room membership, the totals would be $1,01 per subscriber. You can get similar results from solo ads as well.

Should You Use Free WSO’s?

So, all in all I was expecting much better results, but they turned out to be quite average.

Now, if you want to test out your new freebie it’s a good idea to post a free WSO, because you can get feedback from other people, though I didn’t get many comments.

A huge con for the WSO’s is that they aren’t scalable as a traffic source. So, they are only a good fit for beginners.

Of course, I would have had a better opinion about free WSO’s, if I had made sales, but still I recommend trying them out, because you might get better results with your funnel and it’s worth it for the cheap subscribers alone.

So, are you planning to run your free WSO, or maybe you have already run one? Let me know in the comments below.  

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