Why Repurposing Content Is a Must If You Don't Want To Get Insane

Writing a good blog post is hard. I think everyone will agree with me and if you want to succeed, you need to write tons of blog posts every single month.

Now, wouldn’t it be great, if all that it took to make it online would be one blog post? One single blog post, which ranks on the first page of Google and gets you all the traffic you need.

Well, you can just dream about it. If you want to go big, you need to create content consistently. You need to be working your ass off, if you want to make money. Those rankings aren’t achieved easily and traffic doesn’t just start coming without you putting the hard work first.

Your Head Will Explode If It Has To Create Any More Content

If you really want to succeed, you need to publish a lot and by that I mean daily. I remember last summer I went a little bit crazy and started publishing multiple posts a day, even up to 4.

Writing wasn’t the hardest part – creating the ideas was. Besides spending half of the day writing, I also spent a lot of time reading and watching videos so, I would have new ideas for the next content piece. My mind was working harder than when I’m solving sudoku and I had to come up with the ideas every single day. A routine like this can drive you nuts.

Anyways, I realize that publishing daily can be a stretch for you, but what are the alternatives? Publishing weekly or monthly, when inspiration comes, but that will delay your success exponentially.

Hiring someone to write for you? But you probably don’t have a budget, because you are here to earn money, not spend money. Stick with publishing daily, but risk getting insane?

There’s a Limit to How Much Content You Can Create

Most people go with the last plan, publishing daily, even though it can be harmful for their mental health, but it definitely is the best choice and if you decide to go that route, soon you will notice the same problem as I did, you will struggle with constantly coming up with new content ideas.

Believe me this will happen and when it happens what are you planning to do? Force yourself to create new ideas?

Well, I have a better idea, let’s look at your previous content and see are you fully leveraging it to get the most amount of traffic. Chances are that you aren’t.

You Want More Traffic, Right?

Now, that’s bad, because you spend so much time creating the content, but you don’t squeeze everything out of it. You do want more traffic, right?

You could wishfully think that, if you build it, they will come. Meaning, if you create enough content, Google will rank you high and you will get traffic. The problem is, it can take very very long until it does and then again after a Google update the traffic can disappear and you’ll be left wondering what was wrong.

Repurpose Your Content or Risk Getting Insane

The solution is repurposing your content. You do the hard work by creating content, it would make sense to put in a little bit of effort to repurpose it. To spread the content wider and get more traffic.

This is also good for your mental health, because you don’t need to come up with new content. You just need to convert the same content into different formats.

Conquer Multiple Platforms

So, how does repurposing work? Let’s say you write a really good blog post, which is very well researched, decent in length and provides a ton of value to the reader. You click publish. You then promote the post to your social media profiles and you get a little bit of traffic.

What you would normally do is start writing a new blog post and repeat the whole process again to get more traffic, but this time you will convert that post into other formats to increase the reach of your content.

Down below I have listed the types of repurposing you can do to your content.


It’s super simple to convert a blog post into a video. There are several ways how you can do that:

  • You can read the whole post in front of a camera. Now, if you just read from a paper it’s going to look quite boring so, it’s better to tell just the essence of the content in the video.
  • If you are afraid of the camera that’s not a problem either. Create slides for the content and then give your presentation.
  • You are afraid of the camera and you hate your voice? Again, not a problem. You can outsource your video creation.

Once you have your video created, you then upload it to sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Metacafe for extra reach.

Slide Presentations or PDFs

It’s not hard to convert your content into slides or just a simple PDF document. You can use software like open office, or Google slides and Google docs. All free software to help you convert your content into different formats.

Now, if you are creating slides, then you will want to leave only the essentials of your content. You want your slides to be short and engaging, but still provide great value through the content and if you only want to convert your post into a document, you just need to make sure it’s easy to read.

If you previously had created a presentation for the video creation you can use that as well.

Once you have the content, you then want to share it on sites like SlideShare and Scribd. There are a ton more similar sites, but these will get you the best results and won’t overwhelm you.


So, you shot that video? You can easily convert it into a mp3 file, or if you haven’t, use a recording software and read your content. I recommend using a free tool called Audacity.

Once you have that mp3 file you can share it on iTunes or SoundCloud for extra exposure.


Honestly this one is a bit complicated. You need to have design skills to create an infographic.

Now, there are free tools like Pixlr, but it takes time to figure them out. For most the best bet would be to outsource the creation of infographics, but it can be rather expensive.

Either way, if you decide to create one, you can share it on Visually.

Social Media

Social media sites are also a form of content repurposing. Most people view them only as a form of sharing their links, but that doesn’t get very good results.

Obviously, you don’t want to paste in your whole article on Facebook or Google+. You want to share small pieces – the golden nuggets out of your content and start conversations with people in turn building your following.

So, think about how you are sharing your content on social media right now and how you could improve that. You can create several social media posts from a single blog post.


Now, you don’t necessarily want to repurpose your content into every single format, you can choose two or three, but of course the more the better.

Also, it doesn’t really matter what you create first you can still repurpose it, meaning that you can turn an article into a video as well as a video into an article etc.

You definitely want to start repurposing, because you will widen your reach. You will get traffic from various sources and as I said, you already did the hard creative work by creating content. Repurposing is the easy part and it gives you the same benefits as new content.

Are you actively repurposing your content? What formats of content do you usually create? Let me know in the comments below.

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9 Responses to Why Repurposing Content Is a Must If You Don’t Want To Get Insane

  1. You made an interesting point, Liudas.
    After all, repurposing content gives you more time for doing other tasks and then increase your productivity!

    Thanks for sharing at Klinkk!
    Erik Emanuelli recently posted…Blogging Frequency: Why Publishing Less Makes SenseMy Profile

    • Liudas Butkus says:

      Well, maybe not time, but bigger reach, without putting a ton of effort in creating new original content.

  2. Hi Liudas,

    repurposing content is certainly a way to be able to create content more often without the need to come up with new ideas.

    A big advantage of this strategy is that you will also aim for a different audience that you might not have reached with written content.

    I used this strategy a few times yet and it works quite well, but there’s still room for improvement.

    Torsten Mueller recently posted…5 Easy Ways To Increase Social Shares Of Your ContentMy Profile

    • Liudas Butkus says:

      Yeah, the written word isn’t appealing to everyone. Some people prefer to watch a video or just listen to the content.
      So, by having multiple options available you definitely increase your reach.
      Well, the more you do something, the easier it gets :)
      Thanks for the comment.

  3. metz says:

    The aim of repurposing your blog content is to extend the reach of your blog, and to identify further link-building opportunities. Additionally, keep in mind, repurpose evergreen content so that its value extends far beyond the time it takes to create it and slightly modify and adapt the content to the medium. Doing so, you can leverage your traffic; perk up your SEO, Retention & Perspective.
    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social news site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.
    metz recently posted…How to Start WordPress Blog with Free HostingMy Profile

  4. LeslieZ says:


    Repurposing is concept I’d heard about for years but only really sent my blog posts to Twitter and Facebook.

    I recently learned about creating a PDF from my post and that is really cool.

    Another way to repurpose your posts is to create a collection of posts and create an ebook to give away or sell.

    LeslieZ recently posted…Get In Your Raft & PaddleMy Profile

    • Liudas Butkus says:

      Yeah you can put several blog posts into one big report or ebook and publish it on amazon. This is definitely an advanced strategy, but it can get very great results :)

  5. Liuda I think repurposing makes a lot of sense. Lets face it sometimes we need to read the same stuff in different words and tone with new sets of eyes over and over again until it clicks. In addition as a visitor looking at a blog, I take if interested maybe the time for the first top articles and fly by the rest real quick.

    • Liudas Butkus says:


      I’m not sure did you understand repurposing correctly. It’s not that you try to feed the same content to your audience, but with different wording.

      You actually take the same content convert into as many formats as possible and share it widely to attract a different, bigger audience that you wouldn’t have attracted just by having a blog post or just a video etc.

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