You Shouldn't Start Blogging Before You Know These 5 Blogging ConsBlogging is the most popular way to make money on the internet. Most people choose it, because it’s super simple. Current blogging platforms don’t require you to know coding or design. You use them like a text editing software. Also it’s free or very cheap to get started.

Yet it’s only simple at the beginning, but the more you blog, the more you understand how complicated it is to become successful at blogging.

You Need To Work Your Ass Off

Blogging might seem easy, but in reality it’s super hard to get good at it. You won’t get famous by writing one blog post, you need to write hundreds of blog posts before you start getting a decent amount of traffic. You also need to be on top of your game the whole time to provide relevant information to your audience.

Now, you can’t write something new and interesting without reading and researching new stuff. You need to fill your head with new information so, that you could turn it into quality content. This is why most people suggest to blog about something you are passionate about, because if you are a college student trying to write about gardening then in most cases you won’t do any good.

You need to have passion for your topic so, that it would be interesting for you to research it and write about it for a very long time, because blogging success won’t come in a month or two. You will need to work your ass off until you will start seeing results.

Just Three Letters – SEO

If you think writing is the only skill you will need to master, once you start blogging, then think again. There are many skills necessary for a blogger that have nothing to do with writing. One of the most important ones is search engine optimization or in short SEO.

Now, as a blogger you don’t need to learn how to build link pyramids or tiered backlinks etc. What you do need to know is the best practices and the things that could get you penalized by Google.

The examples of the best practices would be to use your keywords throughout your article, use H1-H6 tags, use proper permalinks, use meta descriptions and so on.

Some examples of things that could get you penalized are keyword stuffing (when you enter the keyword you want to rank for too many times), posting duplicate content, building spammy backlink profiles, accepting spam comments on your site and other stuff.

Black hat SEO can break your blog so as a bare minimum you should understand what can get you in trouble.

It’s Not Really Free After All

If you want to build a highly successful blog then you wouldn’t want to have it on a free blogging platform like Tumblr or Blogger. You want to own your blog and for that you need a domain name – the usual price is $10 a year. Also you need to host your blog somewhere. I don’t recommend a free hosting account, because they are slow and have huge downtimes. A regular price for hosting would be around $7 per month, but once you get bigger you will need to pay more.

Now, these are just the basics, but what if you want to build an email list to follow-up with your audience? That’s additional $20 per month for an autoresponder. If you want a professional looking design for your blog, then of course it will cost you extra.

All in all, to build a successful blog you will need to spend money. I don’t want to scare you off from starting a blog. You can stick with just a domain name and hosting account and you will do just fine. Yet don’t be afraid to spend some money to grow your business.

You Need To Promote Your Posts

You need to spend as much time promoting your posts as you do creating them, maybe even more. There’s no point in writing, if no one is going to read what you have to say. Just publishing and waiting for search engine traffic is a big no no. You need to promote your content on every single social media site out there, on relevant blogging communities, to people who might find the content helpful etc.

At the beginning the process of attracting visitors is going to be hard and slow, but once you start getting bigger, growing your social media channels, building your list, you will start generating more and more traffic to your blog.

You Can’t Write About Everything

If you want to create a successful blog, you can’t write about everything under the sun. I think everyone has had the temptation to write something off topic, I’m guilty for that as well, but a bigger problem that I see beginners do is covering a wide variety of topics.

For example, if you start a blog about how to make money online. This is a very broad topic. There are tons of ways of making money online: freelancing, internet marketing, drop shipping, affiliate marketing etc.

So, you need to go narrow at the beginning and specialize on one topic, but once you grow bigger you can then expand your reach. This will help you build a focused audience fast.

Blogging isn’t as easy as it could look like from the first sight. It surely has its sticking points that you need to go through. Just don’t give up when you get stuck and keep persisting until you figure it all out. You need to master your craft before you become successful.

What was the biggest sticking point for you when starting a blog? What do you struggle the most with when blogging? Let me know in the comments below.

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11 Responses to You Shouldn’t Start Blogging Before You Know These 5 Blogging Cons

  1. Sunday says:

    Well, the 5 blogging cons shared here are not really cons if you ask me. They are simply “must” follow rules to succeed in blogging. Yes, one should not start blogging without mastering them.

    Creating good and compelling contents, and applying great SEO tips are fundamental requirement for successful blogging!

    On the summary, blogging requires commitment and persistence to hard work and excellence in best practices!

    I upvoted this post in kingged where it was shared for Internet marketers.
    Sunday recently posted…A Poem of WatchMy Profile

  2. Hey Liudas,

    Yes these tips needs to be ingrained in the mind before we start to blogging. I wouldn’t necessary call them cons as Sunday mentioned but these are more of rules and concepts that needs to be highly considered before anyone starts blogging! Once they get the swing of things, thats when they’ll start to see some great results!

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week.

    I voted this post in kingged where it was shared for Internet marketers.
    sherman smith recently posted…What To Look For When You Join Social Media GroupsMy Profile

  3. Emmanuel says:

    Hi Liu,

    If there is one one point I readily do agree with you, it has to be not writing everything.

    There are several blog who tend to write about everything in this world.
    You visit it today and it is about poetry, you go the next day and it is about news.
    You just can’t predict what to expect next.That of course is pathetic!

    Do have a great day my brother and I found this post of yours shared on
    Emmanuel recently posted…Some Blogging Terms which Needs to be Added to the Oxford DictionaryMy Profile

    • Liudas Butkus says:

      Yeah you can’t build an audience writing about everything. I have made this mistake a lot of times and even right now I couldn’t say I’m a very topic focused writer.

      Thanks for the comment :)

  4. Hey Liudas,
    I am coming here right from your FirepoleMarketing post. It was a great read bro!

    And, all above the points, if I could add one my own I would add to be consistent. Even if we are lacking the motivation, we should stick with the schedules.

    Thanks for the share
    Shahzad Saeed recently posted…Deciding Where to Sell Your Ebook; ClickBank vs. E-junkie vs. Amazon vs. LuluMy Profile

    • Liudas Butkus says:


      Thanks for the feedback :)

      Yeah, consistency is key to success. Just by being consistent you can figure everything out. If you keep working you will see results no matter what.

  5. John Wheeler says:

    I agree with all these things, blogging is getting harder and harder as time goes by. SEO is very helpful to gain links, views, visitors and authority. It is not easy to build an authoritative website and relationship among webmasters.

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