Not Another Ice Bucket Challenge: 4 Reasons For The Challenge Success Revealed

viral marketingHey there,

If you have Facebook, heck even if you watch the news you have heard about the ice bucket challenge.

Almost every celebrity has done it except the pope and Barack Obama and no this email isn’t to show you my video how I scream pouring cold water over my head.

No, I wasn’t challenged and I don’t want to because it’s already quite cold here in Lithuania. So, don’t challenge me. Seriously, don’t.

Anyways, what I really wanted to talk about is the marketing aspect of this challenge.

The ice bucket challenge is the biggest viral marketing campaign this year, maybe even all time.

Now, why is this challenge so successful?

Firstly, the cause. The challenge was started to support the ALS and people are more likely to participate, if it’s for a good cause.

Secondly, it’s easy to share. It really isn’t a big challenge to pour cold water on your head, if it was the ALS read a book in a week challenge, then I doubt it would have cached up.

Also, because the challenge is rather simple and there isn’t many constraints, it leaves room for creativity.

Thirdly, the viral aspect of this campaign. You get challenged, pour cold water on your head and you nominate 3 more people, those 3 people nominate 3 people each and it continues to infinity. Some people even nominated more than 3. So, it scales up very quickly.

Fourthly, the time limit. Once you get challenged you need to do it in 24 hours this ensure that this challenge is going to spread as wildfire.

It’s a genius marketing campaign. You can study it and apply some stuff to your own marketing, but generally it’s hard to replicate.

Now, another genius marketing method is email marketing.

You have probably heard that the money is in the list. Email marketing is actually so much simpler, but still super effective and anyone can do it.

In fact, I recently wrote this short guide book on how to build a list and you currently can get it for free on Amazon.

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In the book I explain step-by-step how to start building an email list. Without a list you can’t do email marketing so, it’s where you need to start.

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