Contextual Ads Case Study Contextual Ads Case StudyThis July I was targeted by email marketing campaign. I got an email offering me to get paid for placing ads on my blog. I thought that this was a media buy offer, but it turns out that is the ad serving platform for Yahoo and Bing, like AdSense is for Google.

Well, I was very skeptical about my earning potential because my traffic was low. That’s a fact. Yet I was not generating any leads with my blog at that time because I wasn’t actively blogging so, I thought I should at least try to make some money. Either way it’s better to get a few cents here and there and not let my blog collect digital dust. 

So, I installed the ad widget on my old blog, which I now use for testing because it was penalized by Google. The blog generates very little traffic. Also, I have Infolinks on my old blog for monetization, which generate me a few pennies here and there.

And you know what, the widget beat Infolinks.

I was like, it can’t be true. Infolink’s ads are super aggressive and I only put up a small widget on the sidebar for and it gets me more revenue.

After that success I decided to install ads right here on EasyM6 and for several days it was killing it.

Screenshot 2014-09-04 19.04.20

The numbers aren’t super impressive, but when you consider that I was generating around 30-50 daily visitors they are actually quite good. I was averaging around $0,40 per day and one day it was even $2,50. With numbers like these you can easily justify having the widget on your sidebar, but this didn’t last long…

Screenshot 2014-09-04 20.03.23

After, a week my numbers dropped significantly. I was earning a few cents per day though from August 4th you can see I started sending more impressions because I installed the ad widgets on more places. So, it didn’t make sense why it dropped.

I contacted my account manager to ask what happened, he was very helpful before and I was expecting to learn what was the problem, but it turns out that my account manager has changed. Well, what can I say, good people are in demand.

The new account manager could only say that their algorithm still needs to adopt and he asked me for keywords of my site. After, I gave them I haven’t heard from him ever since.

Maybe I should write an email to them one more time to settle this, but apparently I’m not going to be using anymore.

I’m thinking about trying out AdSense, but I realize that my traffic is low and I shouldn’t expect miracles. Anyway, I wanted to ask you guys, if you are using Google AdSense or maybe some other advertising network how much on average do you make from 50 daily visits?

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