How To Promote Your Product Launch On Facebook

Hey, I’m getting ready to re-launch my course on Facebook advertising, if you are just slightly interested get on the early bird list to get notified by clicking here, and I thought I will share with you some preparation steps that I’m taking to build some buzz about the launch. 

So, in the video you can see the 3 different posts I have created for the promotion, to get a better look at them here they are again:



The first picture is a cute little animal (don’t know how is it called) with 12% text that says “Support my launch…” Personally, I find this quite funny and I guess it should get very good results.



The second image is a squirrel with its tongue out saying this launch is hot. Again I find this pretty funny and it’s 12% tex from 20% that Facebook allows. Check out the Facebook grid tool to make sure that your ads don’t exceed the limit.


The last image is more of a traditional ad. A women in grayscale and with some of the launch highlights in text. It has this classic look that I really like.

So, the images look good, all of them have some charm to them, though which one do you think is going to win (perform the best)? Leave your thoughts in the comment below and I will reveal the winner in a couple of days after I have some performance data.

Also, I wanted to mention that I found these free images on: MorgueFile and FreeImages.


Set-up Your Targeting

Enough about the images, lets talk about setting up the ad.

Firstly, I chose custom audiences and that’s like 90% of the whole targeting. These custom audiences consist of people who are interested in internet marketing and who are likely to buy or promote my product. These are definitely the people who I want to reach.

Next I chose the age range of 20-64 years old. This is to eliminate teenagers who are very unlikely to buy my product and also by setting the max age I remove people who are too old or maybe Facebook doesn’t know their true age because they haven’t completed their profile.

Also, I chose the language English because I only want people who speak English obviously.

I set the budget to be $1/day. The lowest that you can go and I left the optimization to page post engagement because my goal with these ads are to get likes, shares and comments to build some buzz on Facebook.

To quickly recap all that I did was:

1) Create attention grabbing images

2) Target a highly targeted audience

3) *in progress* test test test

Yes, this is all that I did and it’s very simple. I will let you know how the tests went and in the meanwhile try to guess, which image will win 🙂

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