How To Effectively Use Outsourcing To Scale Up Your Blog Quickly

Social Network InterfaceOutsourcing is a key ingredient in scaling an online business quickly. It’s way more convenient than having to hire full time employees. Instead you hire a person for a one time job and that saves you a lot of time and money.

Blogging can be considered a small business that you can start at the comfort of your home. I’m a blogger myself, but I’m not making the big bucks from my blog yet. So, I’m not doing any outsourcing and frankly I don’t really need it right now because I have a huge variety of skills HTML, WordPress, designing and overall I’m quite tech savvy so, if I need something done I figure it out myself.

However, I understand that, if I would outsource the things I’m not that good at I would get more done. Though there are bloggers who are driving tons of visitors to their blogs and generating huge advertising revenues, but they don’t outsource, which could help them scale their blogs so much faster.

Learn From The Guys Who Have It All Figured Out

As I said, I’m not yet in the position to give outsourcing advice, it would be like blind leading the blind so, I interviewed six bloggers who are already outsourcing different tasks in their businesses and who were willing to give advice to you when it’s the right time to start outsourcing and how to do it correctly.

I asked them the same five questions and you can learn from their different perspectives. It gave me a lot of insight about outsourcing and I hope it will do the same for you.

Interview #1

57261[1]Philtrate you can check out his site at

What activities do you outsource in your business?

If I can find good people to do the work I will outsource it. I have outsourced article writing, editing, drawings and WP site design. The writing I had mixed results with, it worked out if I had UK writers and could resist the temptation to outsource the work to cheap non-native writers.

Good editors cost more than I can afford to pay, so I mostly do that work myself, outsourcing the simple stuff to my daughter.

Fiverr worked out great for the drawings I needed.

The WordPress site redesign was a disaster, the guy took my money, then demanded more. He deleted the files using my cPanel login because I had already removed his WordPress admin rights.

How much money do you spend per month for outsourcing?

How much I spend varies a lot. At the start of 2014 I was spending $5,000 a month buying articles. My business model has changed somewhat and I currently spend about $300 a month on outsourced services.

When do you think a blogger should start outsourcing?

A blogger should always be on the lookout for people who can take over the mundane tasks. Outsourcing should start as soon as it is profitable. There needs to be a positive and measurable Return on Investment though. If your website redesign is going to cost you $200 how long will it take you to recoup that amount? If it’s 6 months that’s fine, but a year is probably too long.

Give your two best tips for a beginner in outsourcing.

  1. NEVER outsource the writing – If you outsource the blog posts then the quality will be lower than your own, unless you are paying $100 a post. Outsourcing the writing also takes away the unique character of your blog.
  2. Outsource everything else; logo design, theme design, social media, website maintenance. All this takes too much time and takes you away from your two core activities of writing and building your blog’s user-base.

Anything else you would like to add about outsourcing?

Good employees do not come cheap. If you cannot afford the quality you need then don’t waste your money on lower quality work. Do it all yourself until you CAN afford the people you want.

Interview #2

57873[1]Adam Connell you can find his site at

What activities do you outsource in your business?

I outsource a variety of tasks. This includes:

  • Graphic design
  • Content writing
  • Technical tweaks to my blog
  • Proof reading

Ultimately, the aim of outsourcing is to save me time. I have a number of go-to freelancers that I use for certain types of work which help me balance my work load.

How much money do you spend per month for outsourcing?

This varies from month to month. I’ll go from around $1,000 one month to maybe $200 the next month.

When do you think a blogger should start outsourcing?

It really depends on what you need to do, how much time you have available and the budget you have to play with.

You need to focus your tasks on what will get you the best return on investment.

I’ve always outsourced things like logo design and other graphic design work because it’s easy to get that work done by someone who is better than me. I started outsourcing content writing once I had the budget in place and my time started to become restricted. I generally earn money from most posts through affiliate marketing so it enables me to cover the costs and make some profit in the long run.

The only thing usually stopping someone from outsourcing is having the budget to do it.

Give your two best tips for a beginner in outsourcing.

There are plenty of things to consider when you first start outsourcing, but here are some of the main ones:

  1. Vet the person you’re considering paying: Trust is everything and you need to know that you will get what you’re paying for. I could find other freelancers that will work for less but I pay extra because I trust that they will do a good job. Especially with content writing, I could pay 50% less but I’d have to spend a lot of time editing posts and I’m outsourcing to save me time.
  2. Put together a clear brief for your project: On occasions projects I’ve outsourced haven’t gone to plan. Whenever this happens the main reason is usually because the brief wasn’t clear or detailed enough. Put the time into let your freelancer know exactly what you want.

Anything else you would like to add about outsourcing?

Outsourcing is great because it helps us save time on tasks that someone else can do quicker and we can leverage skills that we don’t have.

While price is definitely a consideration to who you choose to work for you, don’t let it be the deciding factor. Focus on what freelancers can offer you and the results that they will deliver.

In most cases it’s worth spending extra to get your project done right.

Interview #3

15094300599_b68558c971_o[1]lifestyleultimatum you can find his site at

What activities do you outsource in your business?

I am an Italian blogger working on the English market so one of the main activities I have to outsource is the editing of my articles (Note from Liudas: I edited this interview quite a bit,but it can still be harder to understand nonetheless this interview is definitely insightful).

But not only that. Depends on the projects sometimes you should outsource writing.

For example, I run some PBN (Private Blogging Networks) and it takes time and effort to post on them. So this is one of the activities I should outsource.

Sometimes when I am running projects that require time but they are full of repetitive tasks I will hire a Virtual Assistant and pass all the work to her. Also social sharing and link building activities can be outsourced by someone you rely on.

How much money do you spend per month for outsourcing?

It really depends on the month, but sometimes I go to the point where I spend 2000 dollars. On an average I spend $100 dollars per month, maybe $200 if I am working on my common tasks.

When do you think a blogger should start outsourcing?

Well, to start outsourcing you need money or you need a clear plan to get earnings fast, otherwise you should have a stable income before you outsource. But if you have a good plan and you know where you want to go, as a good businessman you should start immediately outsourcing all the activities that take time from you and don’t allow you to focus on your main projects.

Sometimes even if you are a good writer it’s worth more to plan a strategy or work on relationship, so why not give your writing to someone who can take care of it?

Give your two best tips for a beginner in outsourcing.

If you need to get a Virtual assistant you need to prepare some videos and PDFs before with a clear explanation on what you want. Be precise and try to understand the mindset of who is taking care of your work.

They don’t have your experience, so you should understand that sometimes it is impossible to obtain the results you want. And if you don’t get them probably it is your responsibility.

Focus on creating instructions that you can reuse many times, so it takes less time for you to explain how and when. Plan everything and have a clear plan in mind of what you need before you outsource.

Anything else you would like to add about outsourcing?

When you outsource you have to understand that people online don’t meet you in person so it is not the same as communicating directly with you. Not skype, nor a hangout can produce the quality of the conversation that the real life do.

Especially when you write, explain your thinking and state clear your feeling. Use emoticons, they help to understand when things are good.

But be firm at the same time. Set the timing and force people to respect your schedule, if they want to work online, this is how people work here.

Interview #4

15481429115_b6f7b81b48_o[1]Vitaliy Kolos you can find his site at

What activities do you outsource in your business?

You can outsource pretty much everything except for the things that you like doing and are good at. You still should be the center of your business. I outsourced design creation (logo), WordPress theme creation, link building (guest posting). You just need to keep an eye on the stuff people get back to you with 😉

How much money do you spend per month for outsourcing?

I usually spend about 450 for that sort of things.

When do you think a blogger should start outsourcing?

As a rule of thumb, if you don’t feel like doing something on a regular basis, that’s the thing you need to outsource first and foremost. Simply if you don’t do so, you’ll start procrastinating down the road and, as a result, the things that you actually like doing won’t be completed either.

Give your two best tips for a beginner in outsourcing.

You will have to closely check the work people give you on a regularly basis. Over the course of time, you’ll be able to cut some slack to the workers that you’ve worked for a while with. That’s because you know their skills and how they usually work. The tricky part is that they should still think that you check pretty much everything they do.

Anything else you would like to add about outsourcing?

You may start with for small thing and go up to oDesk or for bigger projects.

Interview #5

15310652687_5097f5fc78_o[1]Danny Garcia you can find his site at

What activities do you outsource in your business?

In my experience with outsourcing, I mostly asked for help when it comes to video production and singing. I enjoy writing the ideas myself, the script if needed and a little animation. Using Fiverr, I asked a few people to rap, play the ukulele, act out a script, sing, make an introduction video and a little voice-over for my many projects. 75% of these were satisfactory. The only time I asked somebody to write for me, was when the topic didn’t interest me that much. I got it from Fiverr as well and a little from a person I personally knew.

How much money do you spend per month for outsourcing?

It depends on the project that’s being asked of me. I can write very fast and am quite adept in research, but when it comes to animation, it does take a lot of my time especially if I had to delve deep into the nitty-gritty of a particular project. I usually spend as much as I need and lay a threshold for it against the total costs of making the production. There’s no limit except what is inside my wallet. As long as the work is delivered promptly and done according to my specifications, I even give a little extra.

When do you think a blogger should start outsourcing?

A blogger should start outsourcing when the workload becomes physically impossible to meet. I’m a stickler for hard work and mostly spend more than 12 hours in front of the computer. This should be balanced with the growth of the blog in terms of viewership and at the same time the financial resources at hand. If there’s no growth and no reason to outsource – it’s not worth spending money for. Blogs are generally micro enterprises by their own rights and should be treated this way. Don’t spend more money than you earn is a good mantra when it comes to blogging.

Give your two best tips for a beginner in outsourcing.

Know your weakness and strengths. Outsourcing is the new fangled way of ameliorating for our own weaknesses. You should focus more on the things that you are good at doing and focus less on skill sets which you do not have.

Find the best talent and pay their price. If you want to get the job done professionally, you must be willing to pay their price. Granted there are many low cost solutions out there now, but they often don’t turn out the same quality as when you pay a premium. I also take in outsourced work so I know exactly how it feels. The motivation that you are going to get paid is very strong. And I’m better when I am given my due.

Anything else you would like to add about outsourcing?

Outsourcing should not be an exercise of scrimping money. Spend when you have to once you’ve come to know your own limitations.

Interview #6 (a short one)

58447[1]Brandon Shrair you can find his site at

When do you think a blogger should start outsourcing?

The smartest time to outsource is as soon as possible. This normally means when you have enough income coming in from your blog to re-invest back into the growth of your site. The key here is that you should be spending your time on what really matters… and outsource everything that doesn’t require your expertise. Essentially, this is making use of the 80/20 principle… focus on the 20% of your decisions that produce 80% of the results, and you’ll be massively more productive in regards to marketing and growing your blog.

If You Have Money Coming In, Then You Should Outsource

So, it all comes down to where you are at in your business. If you are just getting started your best bet is to figure everything out yourself. When you already have a blog that’s producing income, then you should start strategically think what parts of the business you want to outsource to start growing even faster.

Do you outsource tasks in your business? If yes, what kind of work do you usually delegate? If you are not currently outsourcing, then why? Leave your answers in the comments below 🙂

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