My Little Drop Shipping Experiment Or How To Make Money Selling Physical Products

Delivery-Man-Carrying-Large-Box-1024x501[1]I’m writing you this post while drinking my “chute” juice that I made with my new slow juicer that I bought online. Now, you are probably wondering what this juicer has to do with anything?

Well, let’s take a step back. A month ago I got persuaded to join a new business opportunity. It was nothing like anything else out there, I actually been itching to try it out for quite some time, but there just wasn’t an urge to do that.

One day I saw this guy posting on Facebook how he made 200 plus dollars, two days later he posts something similar. I kept seeing his results and one day I had enough of his Facebook marketing and I messaged him what is he doing?

He told me that he was doing drop shipping, explained me the basics and gave me a link to this training program called DSDomination. I signed up, went through the whole training and started implementing.

Now, let’s stop here for a moment. If you are stumbling across DSDomination or people talking about drop shipping and you aren’t sure what it is, then you should continue reading because that’s what I’m going to be covering here.

What Is Drop Shipping?

Let’s say you set up an online shop and you sell some physical items. When you get an order, you transfer the order to your supplier and he delivers the product to your customer. Now, you list the product with a higher price than you pay the supplier and you make money from the difference. Instead of having to buy the inventory upfront, warehouse it, and then using a shipping service on your own – like All Shipping Logistics, to ship the merchandise you sold – dropshipping takes half of the middle processes out of the equation.

In essence you find a product and try to sell it for a higher price and the key thing here is that you aren’t holding any inventory because you send directly from supplier.

Nothing revolutionary and it doesn’t sound complicated either, but how do you implement this and make money?

Drop Shipping Domination

This is where DSDomination comes in. It’s a site where you can learn several ways how to earn money with drop shipping. Every training module comes with a price of course and I only got the cheapest one.

What does the first module cover? 

In the first module or course, whatever you want to call it, you learn a simple method how to do drop shipping using Amazon and Ebay.

It’s super simple. You find products on Amazon and you list them on Ebay for a higher price. Of course, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but it’s the main concept.

Now, I started out doing that and I though I will be making these listings whole day and that should be a no fail way to make money. Well, what I quickly found out was that when you have a new Ebay account you have limitations on the sales volume, you can only set up listings worth $500.

The training in DSDomination is robust and they already knew what’s waiting for me. The next training video informed me that I will need to call Ebay and try to get my limits raised.

Okay, fine I called them, but they didn’t raise my limits. I called them again, still nothing. Called them again and still nothing. The weird thing was that all the representatives had different reasons for rejection, but it boiled down to that I need to wait a month until I can get my limits raised and here my story with DSDomination ends, still waiting to get the limits raised…

Is Drop Shipping Worth Trying Out?

Well, there are plenty of proof from people making money with drop shipping, but from the 7 listings that I currently have made I didn’t make a single cent. What I want to say here is that it will take work to make it happen.

Now, don’t worry I didn’t forget about the juicer. Another method that I learnt this month for making money from physical products was from the Amazing Selling Machine prelaunch videos. When you realize that you bought products from people doing this strategy, it’s kinda eye opening. Yes, I bought the juicer from a person doing this.

This strategy that I’m talking about is way more complicated than drop shipping. It’s called private label products. I didn’t even knew stuff like that exists, but apparently it’s very popular.

Here’s how it goes: you think of a product you want to sell. Let’s say it’s a juicer. You do a google search for private label juicer and you find a supplier who is willing to manufacture the product for a very low price, if you buy in bulk and even put your desired branding on it. You get the products and then you can sell them on Amazon or wherever.

Fun stuff, but it requires a lot of money to get started.

Anyways, just wanted to share with you some ideas for making money by selling physical products. There are tons of opportunities out there, you just need to go and get them.

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