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Email-Jeet-ReviewHi, this week I was testing a new software for sending out emails, it is called Email Jeet. The product is created for people who are using autoresponders like AWeber or GetResponse, etc. It claims that it increases deliverability off your emails.

So, everyone is telling you to build an email list, but what if the emails you send to your list aren’t being delivered? This means that you have a huge problem because if nobody is opening your emails, that means nobody is reading them, nobody is clicking on your links and you aren’t making money.

If you aren’t making money from your list, then what is the point of building it?

I assumed that I had a problem of email deliverability. I’m personally using Aweber and my open rate and click-through rate isn’t very high so, I was thinking that this piece of software might help me improve my deliverability, increase my click-through rate and all in all help me make more money from my list.

Well, as any other product in the marketplace it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so, I thought there is no risk involved and I decided to try out Email Jeet.

Heres How Email Jeet Looks Like

Heres How Email Jeet Looks Like

I downloaded the software and installed on my computer. The software seemed simple to use, but I had a problem setting up the SMTP servers. SMTP server processes your emails, without one you can’t use the software and those servers come with a price so this was an unlikely surprise for me.

I tried out different SMTP servers, but nothing seemed to work. After several hours of searching the internet for tutorials I managed to set-up SendGrid. SendGrid was the easiest to use and it was almost the cheapest one.

It comes with several different packages:

  • Free package that allows to send 200 emails a day
  • Premium package, which costs $10/month and gives you 40 000 emails to send per month, but with a limitation of 1000 per day.
  • Pay as you go, this plan was ideal for me because I just wanted to do a quick test and didn’t want no monthly commitments.

I now had the SMTP server in place and started setting up my first email campaign. I imported my list from AWeber without any problems and wrote a short email to my list. I clicked send and after it was done I realized the email I sent had a huge mistake. The from name was incorrect. Instead of Liudas Butkus it said ledux, which is my nickname.

The results of the first email were terrible. Only, three people opened my email, but because of the mistake I couldn’t be sure, if it was the software problem, or my email. So, I sent out a second email the next day, but this time with a proper from name.

Still, the results were terrible and even worse than the first email. Only one person opened it. So, it turns out that I didn’t really had a deliverability problem, or at least Email Jeet wasn’t able to bring better results for me than what I’m getting using AWeber.

Screenshot 2014-11-15 15.35.15

SendGrid Stats from 2 Email Campaigns

The SendGrid stats when using Email Jeet aren’t even comparable with AWeber.

My Most Recent AWeber Email campaigns

My Most Recent AWeber Email campaigns

The difference in deliverability was too big so I would not recommend using Email Jeet. Also, I didn’t like that I had to pay for an emailing service like SendGrid and there was no training how to set it up.

Even if the deliverability would have been better than what I get from AWeber, I would still had to use them both because you can’t build a list, or set-up autoresponders with email jeet.

All in all, I don’t recommend buying Email Jeet. It’s not newbie friendly, it didn’t increase my deliverability, it adds additional mailing costs and it doesn’t replace an autoresponder.

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