What Is Click Banking

click bankingIf you are building an email list, you have probably heard about click banking, but if you aren’t quite sure what it is, then keep reading.

Click banking is very similar to an ad swap. When doing an ad swap you find someone who has an email list that can deliver a similar amount of clicks as you. For example, if you get 50 clicks when you send out an email to your list, then you would look for someone who can send 50 clicks per email as well.

Once you both agree to do an ad swap, you set a date and email one another’s offers on that day. By doing an ad swap you both exchange clicks and build your lists.

Click banking is like a prolonged ad swap and it is more flexible. Just like with an ad swap, you need to find a partner, but with click banking it doesn’t really matter how many clicks your or your partner can deliver per email, all that matters is that your partner is actively building his list.

So, you find a partner and you agree to bank 50 clicks. In click banking you usually send click in turns. The person who is less reputable (has a smaller list, doesn’t have testimonials) sends the clicks first. Once he is done his partner then delivers 50 clicks back. Just like an ad swap.

Another key difference of click banking is how the clicks are being delivered. You don’t need to email your list to deliver the clicks, you deliver the clicks through so called funnel clicks.

Funnel Clicks can be:

  • A link on your thank you page
  • Redirect after someone optins to your list
  • Links in your autoresponder sequence

When click banking exit pop up traffic isn’t accepted because the conversions are very low. If you still want to utilize exit pop up traffic for click banking, you should redirect them to a presell page that mentions your partners freebie in a few words and if they are interested they need to click to get to the squeeze page.

So, click banking is basically an exchange of funnel clicks. The benefits of doing this instead of ad swaps is that you don’t need to email your list, you can instead build a relationship with your list. Also, it’s much easier to find click banking partners because even if you are just getting started you can partner up with people who have huge lists.

Not saying that ad swaps are an inferior method. In fact, if you use both ad swaps and click banking, you can build your list extremely fast.

Finding Click Banking Partners

These days I usually do all of my networking on Facebook and I recommend you to do that too. If you aren’t comfortable using your personal account, create a second business account. Make sure to use your real name because you don’t want to come off as a scammer.

To find click banking partners you will only need to join a single group:


There are tons more groups for finding partners, but why not keep it simple? In this group people post testimonials of other people that they have click banked with. You want to contact these people and offer them to do click banking. As a beginner you should always send first and start out with only 50 clicks or less.

Building Your Testimonials

After you have successfully done a click banking deal, you want to ask your partner to leave you a testimonial in the group mentioned above. These testimonials help you finding better partners and once you have several testimonials people will start to approach you for click banking.

Also, these testimonials help you, if you plan on selling solo ads, they will showcase your credibility.

You should also want to leave testimonials for other people. Now, to leave a testimonial, you need to be tracking the clicks, conversions and tier 1 countries percentage. All major click trackers can do that like MyClickBoss, ClickMagic, etc.

So, this is all you need to know about click banking. Go now and set up your first click banking deal!

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