Get Paid For The Leads You Send For Other Internet Marketers Like You

pay-per-lead[1]Making sales, either for your own product or an affiliate product is HARD. Some might argue with me that it isn’t, you just send targeted traffic to a high converting offer and you make money. Well, yeah the process sounds simple, but to put everything in place and make it work isn’t that easy.

What I want to propose to you in this blog post is an easier way to monetize your traffic in the internet marketing niche. This method is for those people who are building an email list and are tired of promoting affiliate products and not making any money.

Pay Per Lead Programs

If you are having a hard time making affiliate commissions you should checkout Pay Per Lead programs. They are just what the name tells you, you get paid for leads that you send. These programs pay anywhere from $0,50 per lead up to $2,50 per lead. Usually, the programs that pay more, only pay when a person double optins. Meaning that he signs up and confirms his email address, where the lower paying programs pay for single optin leads, meaning that the person only needs to sign up for you to get paid.

Another very important thing to know about PPL programs is that they are very picky about the leads they accept. Most commonly these programs only pay for leads from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. Yet there are some that accept a higher variety of countries, but I haven’t seen one without content restrictions.

PPL programs have a tendency to disappear after some time, not sure why that happens, but here are a few that I’m currently promoting:

Kevin Fahey’s PPL Program

Kevin Fahey is a well known internet marketer and I find his PPL program to be one of the best out there. He pays from $0,50 per single optin lead up to $1,50, if you send very high quality leads. Also, you are getting sales commissions as far as I know nobody else is doing that.

Lastly, he accepts leads from a huge variety of countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Germany, South Africa, Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, Norway & Hong Kong.

You can sign up right here:

Note: it can take a while to get approved to PPL programs, it’s a good idea to leave them a message on Facebook to get approved faster.

Three Mouse Clicks PPL Program

This PPL program is run by Kenny Tan. It pay $0,75 per single optin lead from USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, or New Zealand. I like this program because it tends to convert quite high for me.

Register here: 

James Jordan PPL Program

This is one of the highest paying PPL programs out there. You get paid $2,50 for a double optin lead from US, UK, Canada or Australia. Of course the catch here is that it pays only for double optin leads so, you will get less conversions.

You can register right here:

These are the 3 main PPL programs that I promote there are more out there and new ones get released once in a while. To get a bigger list of PPL programs available I recommend joining this Facebook group:

Promoting PPL Programs

How to promote PPL programs? You should mainly use email traffic to promote them. You don’t want to buy solo ads and send them to a PPL program because that won’t be profitable, but you want to have them as bonuses on your thank you pages and in your follow up emails.

Social media traffic is usually not accepted. It’s best to read the rules of the PPL program and follow them accordingly, if you want to get paid.

Where To Send Traffic That’s Not Accepted?

Mainly PPL programs accept only Tier 1 countries so, there’s a lot of countries that aren’t accepted. What you want to do is use a click tracker (ClickMagic, MyClickBoss, etc.). All the major click trackers allow you to filter out traffic from different countries.

For example, you can set what countries see the PPL program and which ones see a different page. This way you aren’t wasting any traffic. So, you would set a tracker that sends Tier 1 countries to the PPL program and other countries would go to a blog post with ads, affiliate product or to a click banking partner.


PPL programs are an easy way to monetize your email traffic, you don’t need to make sales to get paid, you only need to send leads. They can provide a decent income, if you have big email list.

Are you using PPL programs, or was it a new thing that you learned? Let me know in the comments below. 

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