The Secret Recipe For Ranking Number One On Fiverr

ios7_flat_fiverr_icon_photo1[1]Freelancing is a great way of making money online. It’s very similar to having a job, you are pretty much trading time for money , but you have more flexible working hours. Freelancing is probably the fastest way for someone new to start making some money online, if you already have some in demand skills, you can quickly get hired for a project.

Now, you shouldn’t think that freelancing is easy, if it was everyone would do it. There’s actually fierce competition in the freelancing market and you need to work for incredibly low wages when you are getting started.

On a site called Fiverr people are offering a wide variety of services that they are willing to do for just $5. It doesn’t really sound like a website you would like to offer your services on, but it’s actually not that bad. Once you reach level one seller rank you can start charging extra, even up to $60 per sale, which is not that bad.

Fiverr is a quickly growing marketplace for services, currently it’s in the top 300 websites on the internet. Being properly positioned on Fiverr can bring you a lot of business, though as I said competition in the freelancing marketplace is fierce and Fiverr is no exception.

Just by creating your gig (offer) on Fiverr you will not get any sales, you need to have a plan how you are going to stand out from the masses and attract customers. This is just what I’m going to teach you in this blog post.

How To Start Getting Sales On Fiverr

If you decided to sell logo designs, SEO package reviews, or articles on Fiverr it’s going to be extremely hard to get a sale because you are competing with thousands of other people who can do the same thing as you.

What you need to realize is that at first you need to be willing to work for free or almost free. Yes, in the beginning it’s all about getting your name out there no matter what.

On Fiverr it’s all about the reviews, the whole Fiverr ranking algorithm revolves around reviews. If you have a lot of reviews you are placed high in searches, if you don’t have reviews, then you won’t be seen anywhere.

Though how can you get reviews, if you can’t get the sales? I’m going to offer two ways for you:

Promote Your Offer

promote-your-content[1]You need to find your target audience on the internet, whether it would be an online forum, or a group on a social media site and you want to giveaway review copies of your service. Meaning you would pay them $5, if they ordered your gig and left a review.

The hardest part here is finding your target audience it might take some brainstorming for some services. For example, if you sell logos you won’t necessarily find a group of people who are interested in getting logo designs. You would want to target businesses that might need such services.

If you are providing SEO services it shouldn’t be too hard to find people to review your gig because there are plenty of SEO forums.

In case you stumble on a hard case another way I recommend for finding people to giveaway your review copies is to look for similar gigs on Fiverr and contact the people who have left reviews on those gigs.

Overdeliver x2

Another way, which can work extremely well with the first strategy, is to overdeliver in your gig. Not just overdeliver, but massively overdeliver. You need to convince people to try out your service even, if you don’t have any reviews.

Let’s use article writing as an example. If everyone out there are offering 500 words for $5, then you need to offer more. Raising it to 600 words isn’t going to cut it, you need to offer 1000 words or even 2000 words. Yes, that’s going to be a lot of work for very little pay, but once you are getting orders you start lowering your offering, but to draw attention you really need to over deliver.

If you are selling logo designs, then say that you will create 3 logos for $5. If you are doing SEO services and building backlinks, make it double than what your competition is offering.

You want to make it a no brainer offer.

Fiverr SEO

This secret recipe wouldn’t be complete without optimizing your Fiverr gig to appear for relevant terms when people search on Fiverr. Just optimizing isn’t enough, as I said it’s all about reviews, but if you have reviews and haven’t optimized your gig, then you won’t show up in searches.

So, here’s how you optimize:

Keyword Research

Firstly, you need to do some keyword research on Fiverr and figure out 5 main keyword phrases relevant to your gig. You do that by doing searches on Fiverr like in most of the search engines these days you will see auto suggestions when you start typing something in, these are phrases that are being searched a lot. So, you want to take note of relevant suggestions.

Next, find some relevant gigs and see what tags they are using. You will find them on every gig, see the image below:

fiverr tags


Make sure to use one of you keywords in your title.


Use as many keywords as possible, but don’t sacrifice readability. You want your gig to look professional and convert visitors into buyers.


You can have 5 tags, make sure to use them all.

Cover / Video

You need to use every single function that Fiverr gives you to make your gig look better, convert higher and attract more people.

So, here you have it the recipe for top Fiverr rankings. It’s not some sort of bug, or a loophole, it requires for you to put in the work to start seeing results. Once you have built up the reviews for your profile, you will start seeing orders coming from Fiverr and from there it all becomes so much easier.

Are you currently selling on Fiverr? Let me know about your results in the comments below! 

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