Explaindio Review – Create Professional Hand Drawn Animation Videos

whiteboard-animation-video-600x327[1]Have you ever seen a hand drawn animation video, you know the ones where a hand draws all the images. They look very nice and they have the power to suck in attention and attention is money these days.

Did you ever wanted to create these whiteboard animation videos for your own business? Well, if you would order a professional to do it, it would cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars for just a few minutes long video.

What if there was a better, cheaper way to create whiteboard animation videos? There actually is, introducing Explaindio!

Explaindio is a software tool that allows you to easily create whiteboard animation videos and more. I know what you’re thinking, these videos look nowhere near as good as the professional ones. Well, honestly with Explaindio you can create some amazing doodle videos, if you put in the time you can actually create videos that would be hard to guess, if they are hand drawn by a professional or created with a software.

What If You Aren’t Technically Savvy

You would guess that a software, which can create professional hand drawn animation videos is very hard to use. Yet it couldn’t be further from the truth.

For me personally it didn’t require to watch any tutorials to learn how to use Explaindio, everything was very intuitive and easy to use. Without any training I was able to start creating my videos, though I do have to say that I’m quite technically savvy.

I would say, if you know how to use a text editor like MS Word, then you won’t have problems learning how to use Explaindio.

What You Can Do With Explaindio

I bought it mainly for creating doodle videos, but you can also use it to enhance your video footage and create stunning presentations.

You can easily upload a video and draw on top of it or add an animated person next to it. There are plenty of beautiful slide designs for creating presentations that come with the software, though you can also order the mega bundle and a monthly package of graphics.

What you can create is only limited to your imagination.

Explaindio features:

  • You can render your videos in Full HD 1920×1080
  • You can add music and voice overs to your video
  • You have plenty of sketch images to use in your videos and you can upload your own
  • Tons of hand designs that draw your images and different animations you can use for drawing
  • Intuitive and easy to learn design

What I Don’t Like About Explaindio

There’s actually not that much that I don’t like about it. Mainly there’s one function that I miss in the software, though I hope it will be added in the near future. It’s actually not that easy to describe, but I will try. In Explaindio you can’t move previous sketches or scale them down. The way you draw them once, is how they stick and if you want to adjust them in a further scene, you can’t really do it without messing it up in the previous scene.

This is a pretty advanced effect that the professionals use and it gives a really great look for the videos, other than that there really isn’t something I miss in the software.


So, this is my short and sweet review of Explaindio. It’s a great software tool and I definitely recommend to get it, if you want to create doodle animation videos without spending hundreds of dollars. Click here to get Explaindio now!

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