Forum Marketing Isn’t Dead I Got Proof

online_forum_marketingI’m willing to bet that you have heard about forum marketing and have even tried it out, but after a week or two you dismissed it as a strategy that doesn’t work.

Well, I don’t blame you, I have done this at least several times. I started out, did a few posts here and there and without seeing big results I continued my journey trying out the next shiny object.

This week I revisited forum marketing once again, but this time I did it pretty seriously.


I’m not a great copywriter, but I think this time I created a decent signature. I’m posting on Warrior Forum and people are mainly there to make money so, my new signature and free gift addresses that perfectly:

Free Traffic Method Generates 80 Leads and Over $130,61 in Sales

To up my forum marketing game I could also buy the option to use an image in my signature, but it’s quite expensive and even without it I’m getting a good amount of clicks.

Having a great signature is key in forum marketing, if you are just posting, but your signature isn’t attracting clicks, then your marketing is going to be fruitless.

Squeeze Page

It was about time for me to update my free gift and squeeze page. As always I used a free Lead Pages template, I haven’t yet done extensive testing on it, but so far the conversions are pretty high.

You can checkout my new squeeze page right here:

Click here!

Feel free to grab the free gift.


Tracking is super important when doing any kind of marketing because if you don’t know where are the results coming in, you won’t know where to focus your energy.

Previously I was using a simple free tracker, which only tracks how many clicks a link is getting. Well, it’s a start, but that doesn’t help a lot because every traffic source is different and you can’t be sure what exact results you are getting.

Not that long ago I actually upgraded my tracker to My Click Boss, which not only tracks clicks, but you can also track conversions, which in this case is – lead generation. When you know where are the conversions coming from it helps you to easily figure out what is getting you results.

My Results So Far

So, here are the numbers I got so far from posting on Warrior Forum.

Posts made: 40

Unique clicks: 30

Leads: 6

Conversion rate: 20%

(In case you are wondering I didn’t round the numbers :D.) So, the results aren’t something “OMG I NEED TO START DOING FORUM MARKETING” though they are pretty decent for a free traffic generation method. Getting 6 leads for spending several hours posting on a forum is a pretty decent payoff. I’m quite happy with the 20% conversion rate, it’s not as high as you would get from email traffic so, as I said you need to track your conversions and not just the clicks.

If you are a newbie and don’t know where to start I do recommend forum marketing. It can help you out to start building your email list.

Are you using forum marketing? If not, then why?

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