5 Ways To Promote Your Kindle Book For Free

amazonkindlepromotionIt’s never been easier to publish a book. You don’t need to pray to get accepted by a publisher anymore, you can just self publish online. There are several platforms where you can do that: Barnes & Noble, iBooks, SmashWords, Kobo and the most popular of them all Amazon.

Even though it’s now easy to publish a book, but it’s never been harder to get readers for a book. We are living in an age where there is wealth of information, there’s more information on the internet than people could ever consume. Internet is a very crowded place and to get noticed you need to put in the time and effort to promote your work. 

You’ve probably noticed already, if you have published a book that just having it up there isn’t generating much traction. What you need to do is to get the word out about your book. If you have an advertising budget it’s quite easy to start generating some buzz, but what if you don’t have the money to spend?

Well, don’t worry there are plenty of ways how you can promote your Kindle Book for free. When it comes to free promotion on the internet it usually means that it requires a lot of work, though I have some hands free promotion strategies to share as well. So, let’s dive in.

1. KDP Free 5 Day Promotion

When publishing your book on Amazon Kindle you have the option to enroll to the KDP select program, which I highly recommend you to do. When you enroll you agree not to publish your book on other platforms for 90 days, which is kind of a drawback. However it’s well worth it because Amazon gives you two very powerful promotion tools: Kindle Countdown Deals and Free Book Promotion.

Kindle countdown deals are more useful when you already have some sales coming in for your book and you want to get a little boost. Free book promotions are ideal, if you are just getting started. You can giveaway your book for free for 5 days and this will generate a lot of free downloads for your book. This free promotion will result in reviews and higher ranking on Amazon, which will help you get more sales.

2. Author Marketing Club

This website can bring a ton of readers for your book http://authormarketingclub.com/ . You can do free and paid promotion on this site, but we will be focusing on the free one.

When you have your book for free on Amazon Kindle a lot of websites are willing to promote you. On AMC, once you are registered, you will see a list of websites where you can announce about your book being free, there’s around 20 or more of these sites. Some of these sites will easily get you featured, but some might not. Still you want to use them all and spread the words about your book.

3. Facebook Groups

It seems that there’s a group for everything on Facebook. Free Kindle books are no exception. Go on Facebook and type in: Free Kindle books. You should find several very active groups, join them and promote your Kindle book. Just like with AMC your book needs to be free for you to promote it.

4. Kboards

The methods I listed already are good when you are running a free book promotion, though what if you already used up your free promotion? Well, then this method is for you. Check out Kboards: http://www.kboards.com/ this is a forum specifically designed for authors to share ideas, learn about publishing and also promote their own books.

If you are serious about publishing books, then you need to join this forum and start reading and posting there regularly. It’s a huge community that can benefit you and teach you a lot, though don’t go there, if you just plan to spam the link to your book.

5. Good Reads

This site was recently acquired by Amazon, that’s says a lot about it. https://www.goodreads.com Good reads is the largest book review and recommendation site and it also has an author promotion program. You can set up pre launch giveaways for your books and just like on Kboards you can participate in the community and promote your book.


These are the ways that you can use to promote your book for free. Don’t just sit there and do nothing. Just by publishing your book, you won’t get any results, you need to promote it. Also, being active in the online communities help you to promote yourself as an author, which is important, if you are planning to publish more than just one book.

Have you published an ebook on Amazon Kindle? What were your results and what did you do to get them? 

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