Fiverr Vacation Mode: Will You Dare To Take A Vacation?

Screenshot 2014-12-18 14.54.58A few months before Christmas I started freelancing on Fiverr. At first it was very slow, all the orders came from my own promotions. After a month of accumulating positive reviews my Fiverr rankings increased and I started getting orders. It was a breakthrough. On one day I even had 7 orders came in. It was hard to keep up with the sudden increase in orders, but I can’t complain. Also, Christmas was not that far away so, I figured that I will take a two week vacation, complete all the orders and the new year I will raise my prices.

Fiverr Vacation Mode

There’s a function on Fiverr that allows you to take a vacation, if I remember correctly you can take a month off through the whole year. The vacation mode deactivates your gigs so that people can’t order. This is important because, if you are away and you don’t deliver your gigs, then people will start leaving negative reviews and that can screw you up big time.

So, I took a two week vacation just before Christmas, it actually ended up a bit longer because I had some health issues. Anyway, after two and a half weeks off I reactivated my gigs. I already had a few orders waiting from people who I worked previously. So, I started working on those.

Zero Orders

Currently five days have passed after I had reactivated my gigs, but I didn’t get a single new order. After the long vacation my rankings have dropped, I certainly didn’t expect that to happen, but that means that I’m back at square one – promoting my gigs to increase Fiverr rankings.

Now, because I already have a bunch of reviews I hope that it will be easier to get them back. Well, I hope so.

Do You Really Need A Vacation?

So, if you are working on Fiverr and are thinking about taking a break you should ask yourself do you really need a vacation? If you do, then I recommend to make it as short as possible, if you want to maintain your rankings.

Were you working during holidays? Did you take a vacation on Fiverr? How did your rankings change after it? Let me know in the comments below. 

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