How To Promote Your YouTube Channel On Facebook

facebook-youtube1-1920-800x450 copyFacebook is the second largest website on the internet. You can find people from all walks of life and with tons of different interests on Facebook. So, if you want to promote your YouTube channel, but you don’t know where to find your target audience, then rest assured you will find it on Facebook (assuming you have done your market research).

Now, there’s one problem with Facebook when it comes to promoting YouTube videos. For example, if you share a YouTube video link and if you share the same video, but upload it to Facebook, then the video that was uploaded to Facebook will get seen by more people.

That’s because Facebook has no intentions of promoting YouTube. Facebook likes to keep its visitors on Facebook where it can monetize them by showing ads. Not to worry, this doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of Facebook, if you want to promote your YouTube channel, but you need to be a little bit more strategic than just sharing your latest YouTube videos.

Facebook has plenty of tools that you can use for promotion, I will try to cover the majority of them, but not all of them are created equally and not all of them will work for promoting your YouTube channel. My goal here is to guide you to the right path.

Creating a Facebook Fan Page

Not that long ago Facebook has made changes to its algorithm that drastically decreased the organic reach of Fan Pages. For some pages, the reach dropped from 5 to 10 times. This made a lot of entrepreneurs mad and a lot of them stopped using Fan Pages to interact with their audiences.

The solution to getting your reach back was paying money to promote your posts so you could reach the audience you built on Facebook, but not every business can afford to pay to get seen.

Still, even, if you don’t have money to spend on ads, having a fan page can be beneficial when promoting your YouTube channel. It can be your main hub on Facebook where you direct all your promotions.

Setting up a fan page is really easy, just take a few minutes and make sure to fill out all the necessary spaces to look professional.

Key things to consider when creating a fan page for your channel:

  • Use the channel name as the fan page name
  • Use your channel graphics for the fan page
  • Use your channel URL as your website link.

If you want you can invite your friends to like your fan page, this can give you a great reach boost. You should also create several posts at the beginning so, the page doesn’t look empty, but until you get some fans there’s no reason to do it regularly.

You can get fans in different ways, you can use Facebook ads to buy them, you can get them by sharing your page on your profile, you can get them by sharing your fan page in Facebook groups, but remember that your reach is going to be very low. I advise focusing on a fan page only if you have money to regularly boost your posts.

Creating a Business Profile

I try to keep my personal life separate from my business. I don’t think everyone is interested where I went to party last weekend except for my close friends. So, it’s best to have a separate business account, where you can form business connections, share business related things and promote your YouTube channel.

In fact, you can use your profile as the main hub as well. Posts that you share on your profile get far better reach than on a fan page, but you are limited to having 5000 friends, which is not too bad, if you build a really targeted following and you can also enable the follow button later on.

Now, to promote your YouTube channel on your profile, you first need to build a target audience. You do that by befriending people interested in your videos. You can find them on related fan pages or groups. I wouldn’t recommend sending friend requests to all the people in a Facebook group, it’s best to look for people that are liking status updates, leaving comments, etc. These people are the true fans and you can expect to get interactions from them.

Keep in mind that Facebook has strict spamming rules so, try to build your friend list slowly, don’t send 100 requests in a day because you’re likely to get sandboxed.

Once you have built out a following you can start doing some promotions for the channel. As I mentioned before, YouTube videos usually get less reach so, I recommend setting up a blog where you embed the videos and then promote the posts, a free Tumblr blog works fine for that.

Creating a Group

From what I observed Facebook groups have higher reach than Facebook fan pages. It’s likely because groups are more social than fan pages. In a group, you aren’t the only one posting, all of the group members can interact and post updates.

Depending on your channel topic you might, or might not want to create a group. Groups work best in niches where you can share knowledge. It’s harder to form a group for entertainment niches, but they can work as well.

A major benefit of groups are that they can grow organically. I have created a group for sharing Kindle Ebooks, added 1 or 2 people from my friends and now it has grown to 30 members without me lifting a finger. Yes, the number isn’t amazing, but think about it, if you actually promoted the group how fast would it grow? Also, I think when a group has more members it starts to grow even faster because who wants to join a group with 5 members?

Your Facebook group can be you main hub on Facebook just as well. Even though you aren’t the center of attention on your group, you can easily use it to grow your YouTube channel.

  • You can pin a post to the top with a video from your channel or a link to your channel. Every single person who visits your group will see the post.
  • You can have a custom banner that promotes your channel.
  • You can regularly post your new content to the group.

To get your group going promote it on your business profile, add some friends who you already know are interested in what you are sharing. At first you will need to initiate conversations, but after the group has a decent number of members, they will start to create all the content themselves and you will only need to moderate it.

Again, creating a group won’t work in every niche, but if it does for your topic, then it’s definitely a good idea to create one.

Participating in Other Groups

Most of the Facebook groups hate self-promotion even if it’s on topic. Generally it’s hard to promote anything there, but it is possible in information based niches.

For example, if someone asks a question in a group and you have it answered in a YouTube video, you can give him a short answer and mention that you did a whole video on that topic, if he is interested to learn more.

You might find groups that allow you to promote whatever you want. Those groups can have hundreds of thousands of members, but I recommend to stay away from them because it’s a waste of time. Everyone just joins to dump their links, but chances that someone will see yours are slim.

So, just stay with targeted groups, if you want to get reasonable results. Join 10 to 20 related groups and browse them daily to see, if you can help anyone.

Facebook Ads

So, far I covered all the free methods you can use to promote your YouTube channel, but if you have money to spend, then you should definitely try out Facebook Ads. Previously I mentioned that you can use advertising to grow your fan page, but honestly I wouldn’t recommend that, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend.

It’s best to create direct ads that promote your channel or a specific YouTube video.

To create and ad go to:

At the bottom you’ll see “Get Video Views”. Well, you don’t want to use it because it promotes only videos uploaded to Facebook. What you do want to use is “Send People To Your Website”.

Now, I won’t go into details how to set-up the whole ad, I have recorded a video how to do that, which will help you out: Facebook Advertising. The facebook ad editor is changing very often so, it might be different for your from what you see in the video, but the main things are the same.

Using Facebook ads, you can generate tons of cheap and very targeted traffic. Make sure to do a lot of testing to see what works because usually the first ad that you create will get very bad results, but with time you will improve them.


There are tons of different ways to promote a YouTube channel on Facebook. I listed out the most common ways and the ones that bring results. If you have money to spend, then just skip the free methods and start advertising because that will get you the fastest results, but if you don’t, then I recommend starting out by creating a business profile, once you have outgrown it, you reached 5000 friends, then start a fan page or a group.

If you take the free path, remember that like with any free promotion method it takes time to start seeing results.

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