How To Advertise Your Blog On Top Social Media Sites

topsocialEvery blogger wants more visitors and not just any visitors, but visitors that convert into loyal readers that leave comments, share posts and buy products, or at least click on your ads. The quickest way to get more visitors on your blog is paid advertising. You don’t need to write articles, promote them, wait for them to get ranked on search engines to start generating visitors, you just pay and start getting traffic to your blog.

Where’s the best place to advertise your blog?

Well, there are plenty of places where you can promote your blog and get visitors, but social media sites seem to be the best choice for bloggers. Firstly, by advertising on many of the top social media sites you also build a following on that site as a side effect, which helps drive more traffic for free in the future. Secondly, social media sites gather a lot of data about their users. Advertisers can utilize the data to target their ads to the right audience. Also, take a look at the size of the audiences on the top social media sites:

So, if you want to advertise your blog, then social media sites are the way to go, but how do you run an ad on social media sites? Well, in this post I’m going to share with you how to set up ads on top social media sites and will cover some specifics about every single site.

How To Create A Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook ads are famous for their incredibly accurate targeting options. By using their advanced options, you can target the most active people in your niche, people that are most likely to buy your products, etc.

Personally, I would recommend starting with Facebook ads, if you are looking where to advertise. No matter how small your niche is, you can still find your target audience on Facebook. Also, Facebook ads are rather inexpensive.

Yes, learning how to use the Facebook ads platform takes time, I have spent a lot of money on different advertising courses to learn the ins and outs of Facebook ads and it definitely was worth it. An inexperienced marketer can expect to pay $.50 to $1 per click and get only moderately targeted traffic. An experienced marketer can get extremely targeted traffic for $.05 – $.15 per click. 

If you know what you are doing, you can generate tons of targeted and cheap traffic from Facebook, but it can take some time to figure it out so, if your first campaign doesn’t get you the results you expected don’t lose hope.

How To Create A Twitter Ad Campaign

The first sentence in the video saying that Twitter has opened up their advertising platform to absolutely everybody is a lie. I’m from Lithuania and sadly I can’t use their platform, but many users from the top countries are. So, I’m still including Twitter in this post.

Twitter isn’t as robust as Facebook, it doesn’t collect as much data about its users, but the platform is still very powerful. As I mentioned before by advertising on Twitter you will be also building your following that will help bring more visitors in the future so, you will kill two birds with one stone.

Obviously, because I haven’t used the Twitter advertising platform I can’t say much about it so, let’s continue on…

How To Create A LinkedIn Ad Campaign

LinkedIn ads are very expensive, the minimum bid per click is 2 EUR if you are from US it probably shows $2 for you. When you compare it to Google AdWords, then the price might not seem so bad, but if you are planning to advertise your blog LinkedIn might not be your best option because of the high price.

I remember running an ad campaign on LinkedIn when I got a coupon for 40 EUR. As you can imagine I didn’t get hoards of traffic to my site because of the price.

Now, just because LinkedIn doesn’t work for me because of their high advertising prices, it doesn’t mean it can’t work for you. Maybe you are running a blog that specifically targets high paid professionals and you have high ticket products that can bring a positive ROI even when you are paying higher prices for traffic, in that case LinkedIn can be the best place to advertise for you.

Honestly, the traffic cost is easily justifiable, LinkedIn is a social media site where all the top earners go to interact and that says a lot about their traffic quality.

How To Create A StumbleUpon Ad Campaign

StumbleUpon isn’t your typical social media site where you go to chat with your friends. It’s a content-based social media site where you like and share the web pages you find interesting. StumbleUpon is designed to help you find more content that you enjoy.  

Sounds like the perfect website to advertise your blog because you are giving them what they want – high-quality content. The advertising cost isn’t high too, you can start generating interest based views for just 10 cents a view.

Now, because StumbleUpon isn’t a regular social media site, the targeting options it provides for advertisers are pretty poor, at least that reflects in the price.

All in all, I recommend trying StumbleUpon ads, they are cheap and the audience is proven content consumers.

How To Create A Reddit Ad Campaign

I’m not a huge fan of Reddit. I have an account, but I barely ever check it. Still, I remember how I generated a huge spike of traffic from Reddit. At first I thought that I got hacked or my servers are attacked by bots because from getting an average of 100 visits a day it jumped to more than a thousand. This did happen organically

This did happen organically, someone shared my post in a subredit where they were making fun of poor design. In my case, they were laughing from my banner/logo. Talk about constructive criticism. I think it didn’t take me long to design myself a new banner after this 😀

Reddit is similar to StumbleUpon, people go there to share the websites they like ( or don’t like), but on StumbleUpon you can share pretty much anything and on Reddit there are only a handful of topics that get a lot of attention, if you create content for those topics, then Reddit can be a great place to advertise.

It Doesn’t Make Sense

Social media sites are the top websites out there and you would imagine that they would try to monetize all the traffic that they are generating by providing robust advertising options, but that’s not the case. With an exception of Facebook and LinkedIn other social media sites have pretty poor advertising platforms.

Twitter limits its platform to a list of top countries, Pinterest only allows big brands from the United States to advertise, etc.

Well, who am I to tell them how to run their businesses.

Where I Recommend To Spend Your Dollars

Everyone’s blog is different, but generally I would recommend starting with Facebook and StumbleUpon. Facebook has top notch targeting options and if you master the platform you can get incredible results using it. Yet, it can take some time until you learn how to create a good campaign so, you should also play with StumbleUpon ads that are extremely easy to set-up and aren’t pricey.

Once you reach a point where you think that you need to expand to broader waters, then I would try out other advertising platforms.

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