Fifty Shades of Blogging

fifty-shades-grey copyI have to admit, I had the idea for this blog post for a long time and is there a better time to publish it than on Valentines day, right? Now, you might be wondering what am I going to write about here and I was thinking about that too for a while, I didn’t want to mess up such a great headline.

Rest assured I’m not going to write a review for the book, I haven’t even read it though from what I heard I have a pretty good understanding what’s it about, we all do I guess.

I’m also not going to dissect the success of the book and turn it around in tips on how to write a better blog, though I think that could turn out into a good blog post.

With this long intro I’m already risking not living up to my own hype so, let’s cut to the chase. Fifty Shades of Grey is a book about relationships, kinky fantasy like relationships. Well, that’s what I imagine because as I said I haven’t read it. So, I want to talk about how to build those relationships using your blog. Yes, your blog is a relationship building platform, but you might not know it yet.

So, I want to talk about how to build those relationships using your blog. Well, not romantic relationships, but relationships with your audience that grow your business. Your blog is a relationship building platform, but you might not know it yet.

Why Do You Need To Build Relationships?

People don’t buy from people they don’t know, like and trust. In other words, people don’t buy from people they don’t have a relationship with. There’s also a saying that it takes around 7 interactions with you until a person decides to buy. Obviously, that’s a rough estimate and not a scientific fact, but what it means is that it takes time to build that trust with people.

So, in order to make sales you need to build relationships, you can’t just send a person to sales page and expect him to buy. Only a small percentage of cold traffic converts into sales. If you want to build a real business you need to learn how to convert that cold traffic into hot fans and that’s done by building relationships.

What Builds Relationships?

Propinquity, it’s a psychological term meaning that the more people see each other the more likely they are to form a relationship. To transfer this into blogging, it means that you need to post regularly. The more you post the more likely you will get returning readers and start to form relationships.

Now, a blog alone doesn’t have the functionality to appear in front of your audience. When you post something new only your most loyal fans who have bookmarked your blog or subscribed to your RSS feed will find out about it so, you’re reaching only a small percentage of people and not building many relationships.

Yet, if you combine a blog with social media and email marketing, then it is a perfect combo for building relationships because you can get in front of your audience easily.

Email Marketing

shadesquoteOn average 90% of people that land on your blog, don’t visit your site again. So, just by posting frequently you would reach only around 10% of people and you would reach them very irregularly.

By adding email marketing and focusing your blog for lead generation, you can expect to greatly increase your returning visitors percentage. A highly optimized blog can convert even up to 10% of its visitors into email list subscribers and an average blog can expect 1 to 3% conversions.

The numbers might not seem big, but with time they start to add up and you end up with a huge list. The whole power of a list is that you can send an email to your subscribers whenever you want. Wrote a new blog post? Send an email to let them know. Launching a product? Send an email to let them know.

It’s very easy to build relationships with your list because it’s easy to contact them over and over again. All of your messages are landing in your audience’s inboxes, unlike social media, if you post something new on Facebook only a small percentage of your audience will see it.

So, start building a list, if you haven’t already.

Social Media

Social media is all about interactions and building relationships. Now, it’s not as effective as email because most social media sites filter out your posts and you don’t get to connect with your whole audience. Yet, using social media you can build that more intimate connection, you can chat with someone one on one. Yes, it does take a lot of time, but it can pay off in different ways. You not only build a relationship, but also learn about the struggles of your audience and that helps you serve them better.

Using social media to interact one to many is challenging. Firstly, just like with email marketing you need to build your following, either Twitter followers, Facebook likes, group members, etc. Yet, even if you build it, only a small percentage will see your messages. That’s still better than just blogging and hoping for your readers to find the new post, but it’s not as good as email. So, I recommend focusing on email marketing first and social media second. Mostly, that translates into promoting your opt-in forms on your blog rather than your social media profiles.

Facebook Retargeting To Reengage People

greyquoteProbably the most powerful social media strategy for getting in front of your audience is Facebook retargeting. Facebook allows you to import your email list and run ads to your subscribers. By paying a little bit of money, you can avoid all the filters and get seen by your whole audience on Facebook.

It’s best to use Facebook retargeting to reengage your subscribers that have signed up to your list but haven’t been interacting with you for some time. Instead of reaching them through email, you try to reach them on a different platform and reengage them with your business.

You can use Facebook retargeting for many different purposes. Here’s how to run a retargeting campaign:

  1. Go to your autoresponder and export your email list. If you want to run a reengagement campaign, select only the people who haven’t opened your emails in quite some time.
  2. Got to Facebook ads manager.
  3. Select audiences.
  4. Click create audience > custom audience. Choose customer list and upload the exported file with the emails.
  5. Go create an ad and as your audience select the custom audience you just created.

Retargeting is very powerful, by using it you can appear in front of your audience even more frequently.

Don’t Run A Corporate Blog Show That Your Human

Getting back to blogs and relationship building. A lot of people that run blogs are afraid of being personal, though showing your personality, sharing your mission, expressing yourself should be your goal because people connect with people and not with machines.

Stop trying to run a corporate blog, hiding under some fake personality. Start being personal. People want to feel that you’re real, that you’re trying to help them, instead of making a quick buck out of them. If you show that you care, they will start to trust you.

Share Personal Stuff

When you write a blog don’t be afraid to share personal experiences about the topic you are writing about. Now, remember that your blog isn’t a diary so, don’t get carried away. Make sure that, if you are sharing something that it’s related to your topic.

Telling great stories can help you bond with your audience.


What is infotainment? You provide information and you entertain at the same time. Me writing about fifty shades of gray is an attempt at that lol.

Usually, when you write your only goal is to give out the information, but you should also try to entertain. I haven’t mastered this myself, sadly.

You can also look at it as finding your unique voice. Letting your character shine through your writing, making jokes, sharing your own unique insights, having a conversation in text and not just giving out the information.

Have An About Page

When I read a great blog post I naturally want to find out more about the author. I look for an about page, but if I can’t find it that send strong signals that the person isn’t serious about his blog.

Having an about page that shares your background can help build those relationships and trust. When you know that there’s a real person behind the blog you look at it differently.

Use A Gravatar

A Gravatar is a small picture that you see next to a comment left on a blog. It’s very easy to set up. Don’t be shy and show everyone your face.

Wrapping It Up

Building relationships is important and blogging combined with other platforms can help you do that.

How are you building relationships with your audience? Let me know in the comments. 

Lastly, I want to wish you a happy Valentines day :).

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