How To Use LinkedIn To Drive Traffic And Sales For Your Business

linkedinThis weekend I watched a webinar by Greig Wells one of the top LinkedIn experts in the world. He has helped entrepreneurs like Frank Kern, Russell Brunson, Anthony Robbins create a LinkedIn marketing strategy for their businesses. I think that says enough about his credibility.

I was lured to register for the webinar due to a very bold promise, that you can get penny clicks using LinkedIn. I immediately though that it’s going to be about some loophole in LinkedIn ads platform and signed up.

*spoiler alert*

It wasn’t about LinkedIn ads.

However, the webinar was amazing. I could give you the link to the replay to watch it yourself, but they are planning to take it down shortly so, it’s best if I share what I learned in a blog post.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to demonstrate authority on LinkedIn (or your blog) to attract media opportunities.
  • How to generate traffic to your website using your LinkedIn profile
  • A simple formula to turn your profile into a preselling machine for your products and services.
  • What it takes to rank on LinkedIn search.
  • How to drive targeted traffic to your profile using LinkedIn.
  • And much more…

Demonstrating Authority

LinkedIn can open a lot of business opportunities to you, book deals, media coverage, speaking gigs, etc.

It’s said that LinkedIn is the number one tool that media agencies use to find professionals, but if you want to be noticed on LinkedIn, you need to demonstrate authority.

How do you do that?

It starts with your profile picture. To stand out from everyone else, you need to be different. These days the usual LinkedIn picture is a head shot of you and that’s it, but does it portray any authority?

No, it doesn’t. What you need to do is showcase the media logos where you have been featured. The most common ones, the big guys showcase are NBC, ABC, CNN and other news channels.

Disclaimer: I haven’t been featured on these channels… for now.

Chances are that you haven’t been featured in them. So, should you cheat and put up the logos anyway?

Hell no!

You need to earn the media coverage. Now, you don’t necessarily need to aim for those channels at the beginning.

Think about different media opportunities that are open to you. Maybe you can write an article for the top website in your niche and feature its logo on your profile. That wouldn’t be as powerful, but still far better than having nothing.

Now, if you have a blog, you should consider showcasing the logos of authority websites where you have been featured. This will help you increase the authority of your blog.

I’m currently thinking of places where I should participate to earn those “badges”, I might write a blog post about this once I figure it out, but generally guest posting on top blogs in your niche should be a good start.

Compelling Headline


To further differentiate from others and convey authority, you need to write a good headline for your profile. The two main things that stand out in search results are the headline and profile picture so, you need to do a good job on them.

A good headline should showcase your expertise, what you are an expert at and some of your greatest accomplishments, a book that you wrote, a company you founded, etc.

Lastly, in your headline you want to have a link to your website. Ultimately, you want people to go to your profile and visit your website or contact you on LinkedIn, this brings us to the second part – increasing conversions.

Increase Conversions

Now, that you have improved your profile to be noticeable in the search results, the next step is to improve your profile conversions. You don’t want people to come see your profile and click the back button to look for a different person. You want them to either go see your website or contact you.

In the webinar, it was said that “You need to view your profile as a sales page”. So, that means it has to have a hook/headline, body, and a call to action. The hook we already covered. Call to action is our website URL and the already inbuilt buttons by LinkedIn.

What’s missing is the body of the “sales page”. The easiest way to insert it is by adding a summary.

What do you write in your summary? Good question.

Here’s the formula that was shared:

You know how <companies> are looking for…[insert big problem]?

I solve this.

I do this by [unique benefit statement] because of [unique attribute about you]

Here’s how I edited it for myself:

You know how website owners are struggling to get more traffic to their websites?

I solve this.

I do this by helping them run paid and free social media traffic campaigns because I have mastered how to do them effectively.

Not sure if I’m happy with that, but it will have to work for now.

Get something similar written for yourself and you will be golden.

Getting Your Profile Seen

Once you have optimized your profile for conversions, the last thing to do is drive traffic.

LinkedIn SEO


When you search for people on LinkedIn, you can only find the people that are connected to you through 3 levels.

The first level is your connections, second level is the connections of your connections and the last third level are the connections of your connections connections.

So, to increase your chances of appearing in the search results, you need to connect with more people.

Now, don’t go berserk and send requests to everyone. You can only send 3000 requests total so, you want to be strategic about this. You want to connect with people that are “super connectors”, people that have thousands or even millions of connections.

When you connect with a “super connector” all of his first level connections will fall to your second level and his second level to your third. By adding just a few “super connectors” you can expand your network and your chances of getting found in searches exponentially.

Previously, you were able to sort search results by the amount of connections people have, but LinkedIn has removed that option.So, there isn’t an easy way to find them. Screenshot 2015-02-19 16.29.45

When you visit a profile, it shows how many connections the person has, but the problem here is that it only counts to 500 after that it only shows 500+ no matter how many connections the person has.

So, try connecting with authoritative people that are likely to have a lot of connections.

Keyword Stuffing


LinkedIn search is quite primitive compared to Google. You don’t need to build backlinks or create content, just make sure to include the terms you want to rank for throughout your profile.

Now, don’t spam because that can hurt your profile conversions, just make sure you have entered the keywords naturally.

Driving Traffic To Your Profile


Lastly, when everything is optimized there’s one extra strategy you can use to get your profile seen. On average from 100 people, whose profiles you visit, 7 people will visit you back.

When someone visits your profile, it means that they are somewhat interested in what you are doing and you can then message them to start a conversation, learn what are they working on, how you can help them, etc.

As a free LinkedIn user you are only allowed to see the last 5 people who visited your profile. As long as you’re getting only 5 visits a day, then it’s fine and dandy, but if you start to get more, then you might want to consider getting LinkedIn premium, which allows you to see all the people that visited your profile.

Remember that I mentioned the bold promise of the webinar, that you can get penny clicks from LinkedIn? Those penny clicks come from this strategy, you pay for LinkedIn premium, which I think is $20/month and you’re able to generate a ton of dirt cheap leads.

So, to get started with this strategy, you want to start searching for your target audience on LinkedIn and view their profiles. A percentage of them will visit your profile, then some might visit your page, contact you and even buy from you.

It’s very important that you are very clear what’s your target audience. In my case it would be website owners and I would go out and search for them on LinkedIn.

Now, visiting tons and tons of profiles take a lot of time and is super boring so, you might want to outsource this.

Putting All The Puzzle Pieces Together

All of these tips are very strategically linked together. Firstly, you get your profile picture and headline optimized so, you would stand out in search results. You then optimize your profile for conversions so, that the traffic that lands on your profile converts. You also optimize your profile for search by adding keywords and building your connections so, you get more traffic and lastly you can invest time to drive traffic back to your profile by visiting other profiles.

If you take the time to set everything up you will end up with a robust marketing machine that drives traffic and sales for your business.

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