SEO For Bloggers: All That You Really Need To Know About SEO

seforI started blogging when Search Engine Optimization(SEO) was simple. All you had to do was create content, stuff it with keywords and to amplify it, build some backlinks from around the web. Pretty straight forward, but it quickly started to change. Visit SEO company website for more information.

Firstly, one of my blogs got penalized by the Google Panda, then a second blog and I had even gotten a manual penalty. From then on I became very careful using SEO techniques maybe even too careful.

Don’t worry this blog post won’t be about me whining how Google killed my blogs. I have interviewed several bloggers, including my Minneapolis SEO expert friend, and asked them to share their knowledge of SEO. Now, this interview won’t be as long as my previous ones on social media and brainstorming. So, let’s dig in!


Questions we’ve been discussing:

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