How To Make Money Publishing Video Reviews On YouTube


I remember before buying my new smartphone I spent a lot of time on the internet researching different phones, reading about their characteristics, but the place where I spent the most time was YouTube.

Yes, reading about the product, will give you all the facts, but seeing the product in a video will give a feel for the functions, it’s a whole different experience.

Now, I’m not the only one who watches a video review on YouTube before buying. Millions of people do that every single day, they look for reviews to help them make an informed purchase decision. It doesn’t matter in what niche you’re in, if there are products, then there’s a need for video reviews.

So, there’s a demand, what you need to do is create the supply. Yes, creating video reviews can be very profitable and they are very easy to create, but let’s start at the beginning.

What You Will Learn

  • How to find products to review
  • How to get review copies
  • What is the best software to use for creating a video review
  • Simple tips to optimize your video

Finding A Product

To start creating video reviews, you need to have some expertise in a niche. If you haven’t selected a niche yet I recommend starting out in the internet marketing niche.

Yes, you can choose other niches, but for example if you wanted to review electronics it would be very hard to begin with. You would need to buy the products yourself until you build authority and start getting free review copies.

Now, obviously if you are starting fresh it will take time to get familiar with the niche, this is especially true for electronics. For reviewing internet marketing products, you don’t need to spend a lot of time learning about the niche because you will learn from the products you review and in the review you can share the results you did or didn’t get.

Once you are clear on the niche, you want to start looking for products to review. The key here is that you also want to be an affiliate. So, the places where I recommend looking for products to promote are:


It’s a huge marketplace of information products. Even though it covers many niches the most popular are internet marketing products. There are tons of new products added everyday for you to promote. There are products that offer up to 100% commissions per sale.

If you are on a budget, you can find a lot of cheap products there as well $5 – $10 front end products.


A favorite of my friend, online dimes, who’s big into Youtube marketing, ClickBank is a well-known information product marketplace. You can find great, high converting products in tons of niches. If you aren’t interested in internet marketing products, then here you can find other niches that can work for you.

On ClickBank, there aren’t that many launches happening and the price of the products are usually higher. The highest commission that you can get is 75%.


WarriorPlus is the affiliate platform of the top internet marketing forum Warrior Forum. It’s very similar to JVZoo.

If you are considering reviewing internet marketing products, then you would use JVZoo and WarriorPlus.


If you have the budget and you are committed to reviewing physical products, then the best place to find products to promote is Amazon. The commissions aren’t as high as for information products only up to 8,5%, but it all adds up.

Usually, when someone buys something on Amazon, they don’t just buy one product and once you refer someone, you will be commissioned for all the sales the person makes within 24 hours.

So, depending on the niche you chose, you will want to sign up to these sites accordingly. It’s up to you now to pick the products you want to review.

For internet marketing products, you will want to promote the newly launched products, check out MunchEye to find the details about upcoming launches.

Getting The Product For Free

It’s not hard to get a review copy of an information product, most marketers offer them on their JV pages and all you need to do is contact them. In the beginning, not everyone is going to hand their products to you for free because they don’t know you.

So, when starting out you might need to buy the products yourself until you build some authority in the niche.

For physical products, like electronics it can take a very long time before you get offered review copies. So, as I said, don’t get into that niche unless you are determined to succeed with it.

Filming The Review

Once you have the product, the next step is to review it. For information products, it’s not enough to just go through the material, you also need to put the information into action and share your results. If you are reviewing a software you can just show how it works.

Personally, I like reviewing software more than information products, but the competition usually is a lot higher.

When reviewing a product make sure to be honest, if the product is good for nothing, then say so. Your job isn’t just to review a product, your job is to help people make an informed purchase decision.

How you go about reviewing the product in terms of content is your own choice, but try to be creative, enthusiastic and don’t make the video longer than it needs to be. Get some inspiration from other reviewers.

You can film the review in two different ways. Make a screen cast for digital products or do a video presentation for physical products.

Software For Filming Screencasts



It’s a professional tool for creating screencasts and editing videos. If you have the money to invest in a professional tool, then I recommend Camtasia.

Cam Studio

It’s a free tool for recording screencasts, but it will get the job done. There are other free alternatives that you can find.

Using these software tools are pretty straight forward, hit record and start talking.

If you are creating a review for a physical product, you might need to invest in some video equipment, but for starters the camera that’s inside your smartphone will work fine. Add a tripod and a whiteboard behind you, with a few good lights pointing at you and you will be filming like a pro.

Once you have a video filmed you need to upload it to YouTube and optimize it.

How To Optimize A YouTube Video

The best optimization that you can do is shoot a really good video. Well, duh…

What I actually mean is that YouTube takes into consideration the average audience retention of your videos. If people only watch the first 5 seconds of your video, chances of getting high rankings are slim.

So, the best bet is to create a good video. Making the video short is also a good idea because if it’s dragged out people won’t watch it till the end. So, don’t make it longer than it has to.

Luckily, YouTube isn’t all about the audience retention. Keyword optimization, backlinks, views are still metrics that are considered when ranking a video. So, here’s how you would optimize your video review:

Video Title

“product name + review” This is a simple formula that just works. Most people when searching for a review will type in the product name plus review and that’s it.


The first thing you want to add to your description is an affiliate link for the product (unless you are leaving a negative review and aren’t recommending the product). Next you want to paste in the title.

If you are feeling like putting more time into it, you can also write a whole description filled with relevant keywords.


You want to write as many relevant tags as possible. YouTube uses the tags to determine what the video is about.

Sending Some Targeted Visitors

If you have some money to spend, then I recommend buying targeted advertising to get some views. It’s very important for the visitors to be targeted because if you send untargeted traffic it will hurt your audience retention. I recommend using Facebook or YouTube ads, spend $10 to $20 and that will get you enough views to lift up your video.

Building Backlinks

Lastly, if you want to rank your videos not just on YouTube, but also on Google searches you will need to build some backlinks and social signals.

So, the optimization process is really quite simple. Just having your title, description and tags optimized can be enough. Here’s an example video that has made me money:

As you can see the video isn’t even that great. I didn’t build backlinks or buy advertising for this video and made money.

Wrapping It Up


Creating video reviews is a very simple yet effective way to make money online. There is plenty of new products released daily so, there’s no shortage of opportunities.

As with any method, it requires time and effort to start seeing results. The big money comes once you are an authority in the niche, when people start coming to you and look what else have you reviewed, instead of just finding you through different products.

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