You Live Only Once

I want to start this blog post with a video by Veritasium, where you can usually find videos about physics and science, though this one is different, it’s about a very deep philosophical concept, which I believe can greatly empower you, if you manage to understand it and think it through.

So, take a few minutes to watch the video:

As you heard in the video, in Chernobyl, workers are only allowed to stay for 2 weeks at a time, but not because of the radiation, but because being in that deserted place without normal daily interactions with other humans affect you mentally.

Not sure what the workers start to think about, but in the video he starts to tackle this philosophical concept of life meaning. Though, if we will die, which we all know for sure is going to happen, then where’s the meaning of life?

Yes, we can leave a legacy, we can be so great to be remembered for centuries, but on a bigger scale, our planet earth one day will cease to exist and according to our scientists our universe also has only a finite amount of time of existence so, in the end we will be forgotten no matter what.

So, is it the meaning of life to leave something for future generations, or maybe just raise that future generation? Well, maybe it’s…

Though let’s be real, thinking so far into the future, to the end of the universe is overstretched.

You Live Only Once (YOLO)


Let’s get back to the saying, you live only once. I remember a couple years ago when all the pop stars started writing YOLO songs, it made the saying so weak. When you repeat something over and over you become numb to the meaning, but let’s really think what this means.

We all have one life, we all have finite amount of time to live, but in our day to day life we forget that. We get a sense of false eternity. This makes us stagnate and make decisions based on fear, but realizing that we only live once should empower us to use our time wisely, to cherish it and make impactful decisions.

Still, even knowing and realizing that only makes you to think for a moment. Am I going on the right path, am I using my single life in a way that I should, but this thinking doesn’t really transition into action.

After ten, twenty, thirty or more years of living with the false sense of eternity you get programmed for that living and realizing that this thinking is false doesn’t make you recalibrate.

It’s like we are trapped in the matrix, we know about it, but we take the blue pill instead of the red (hope I didn’t mix those two lol).

I believe realizing that you only live once and living by keeping that in mind, making decisions with that realization can empower to do great things. So, keep reminding yourself that daily and before making decisions that you only live once.

Say Yes!

A movie that comes to mind “Yes Man”, talks about a very similar concept. If you haven’t seen this movie, then you just have to, it’s an incredible one.

>>Spoilers incoming.

In the movie, the main character is forced to always say yes to anything.

The idea more broadly is to say yes to life, say yes to adventures, say yes to new experiences, say yes to having fun, because if you don’t enjoy life now, remember that you don’t have another life waiting for you, you are not a cat, you don’t have nine lives.

If you don’t live now, it’s over.

You Can’t Escape The Routine

But in the end you still need to have a job, but maybe a job you love, you still need to eat and sleep and do all those routine things that might feel like a waste of time, you need all that because this is how our world works you need to provide value to get value from this life.

Yet remember that you are the one responsible for shaping your life!

If this resonated with you let me know in the comments.

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