Know Exactly What Your Visitors Are Doing On Your Site – SpyVisit Review

Your bounce rate is through the roof.

Your blog doesn’t generate leads.

You get zero clicks on your AdSense ads.

Though your Google Analytics are telling you that you are getting visitors to your site daily, but you can’t figure out why they aren’t converting.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could see exactly what every single visitor on your blog is doing as if you were standing behind their back when they are browsing your blog?

How easy it would be to then figure out where your visitors are getting stuck, what they dislike, where they abandon your site and to then eliminate all those road blocks and see your conversions increase 10% 30% 50% or even more.

It might sound a little like science fiction or things you see in the movies where FBI uses some advanced technology to track out the bad guys or something.


Well, this technology is already available and I will be reviewing it in this post.

I have received a free trial account of SpyVisit, but I didn’t get paid to write this review. Yet I’m an affiliate of this product.

Heat Maps Are So Boring

I was approached by SpyVisit to review their product, they introduced it as a heat map tool. A heat map is a color-coded graph that marks where people are clicking on your site (an example below using SumoMe free Heat Map generator):
Screenshot 2016-06-11 23.03.35

I do love free things so, I did accept to review it even though it didn’t sound exciting at first.

So, I signed up, set up the tracking code and started waiting to gather some sample data. After a few days, I log in and realised that my pop up is screwing up with the heat maps so, had to disable the pop up for the time being.

Lo and behold after two-week trial has passed I have gathered some clicks to have a pretty colourful heat map:

Screenshot 2016-04-11 19.50.55

Now, what are the things you can analyse from the heatmap?

  • You might find elements that aren’t clickable but get clicks. For example, my “as seen on” banner gets a lot of clicks, even though it’s just an image. So, there’re two things I could do here: make the banner grayscale so, it won’t get too much attention or I could make it clickable and maybe lead to a page where I have all my guest posts listed.
  • The heat map tells a lot about your navigation. In my heat maps, you can see that guest blogging and about pages are being clicked the most. Hire me, get started and contact me pages get clicked way less and Disclaimer doesn’t get clicked at all. So, reordering them might be a good idea, removing the disclaimer and having it at the bottom of the page and maybe rewording the get started page because I would like it to get more attention.
  • On individual blog posts, you can analyze where to put your ad banners, or sign up forms. Maybe some images are getting clicks, but they lead nowhere.
  • You can check what content links are being clicked and which ones are irrelevant and don’t get clicks.

Wait There’s More

But SpyVisit is more than just a heat map generator. It tracks every single visit that you get throughout your site and then shows you how a person interacted with your page realtime.

You can literally see how the mouse is moving throughout your site. This is invaluable if you want to better understand the behaviour of your visitors.

Screenshot 2016-04-11 19.49.28

You get all the data about every single visit, what page they were on, how long they browsed and other minor details.

To be honest, the playback isn’t silky smooth, there were some bugs where the mouse of the user jumps around the place hopefully they will improve upon their technology.

The ways you can use this information to improve your website design is endless. If you generate enough traffic to your pages you will gather boatloads of data for improvement. Just need to analyze it and take action.

Here’s a short clip of how the playbacks look like:

Wrapping It Up

Overall, I would give this product a solid 8/10. It has everything that you need for tracking your visitor’s behaviour, but the playbacks aren’t flawless yet, but I believe they will improve with time.

If you would like to try out Spy Visit I would be very grateful if you registered through my affiliate link.


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