What You Need To Know If You Are Using The Free SumoMe Version

First things first, if you don’t know what SumoMe is, then this issue doesn’t concern you unless you decide to install it on your WordPress blog which you should because it’s a super neat package of plugins.

See that opt-in popup that slides down when you scroll? That’s the SumoMe Welcome Mat plugin.

In a previous post, I mentioned the SumoMe Heatmap plugin.

They have at least 10 more plugins for generating leads, traffic and tracking your visitors and they are all free to use.

I have been using this package probably for more than a year and I absolutely love it. I was planning to do a full review of every single SumoMe plugin, but there are already plenty of reviews out there.

So, what do I want to share with you?

Well, if you are a free user of SumoMe the leads you generate aren’t automatically added into your autoresponder.

I feel silly noticing this only after a year or more of using it.

Now, it’s not a huge problem, because SumoMe saves all the data and all you need to do is to download all the subscriber data from different SumoMe plugins and import them into your autoresponder.

This whole year I was building a list, but not importing it and now I imported around 200 new subscribers. Chances are you landed on this page from an email I sent so, this is why you were added only now.

A Word From SumoMe Support

To clarify everything out I wrote to support and here’s what they said:


Thanks for writing in!

We love you and appreciate you using SumoMe.

Email services is one of the biggest expenses at SumoMe. We serve over 475,000 sites, all with their own ESP integrations. We’ve kept these integrations completely free for every single one of our users for the entirety of our existence.

In order to maintain a high level of service and continued improvements of SumoMe we made our email integrations a Pro feature.

If you are already connected to a service it will not be affected. As well, you have 100% access to your emails and can grab them from the ‘Download CSV’ button on the general tab in each Email App (List Builder, Welcome Mat, Scroll Box, and Smart Bar).

We personally realize this may not be ideal but we want to stick around and continue to make SumoMe amazing for you and this change will help allow us to do that.

To make sure you are taken care of, have 2 free months of SumoMe Pro on us. If at any time your existing email connections have issues, just reach out and we’ll take care of it.

I have added the two free months of SumoMe Pro to your account. You should go into the service tab of each app and ensure that you have a list selected and disable the double opt-in feature. (See attached screenshot)

Please be aware, when your 2 free months are over and if you decide to not upgrade and continue your Pro trial, if you have multiple campaigns created (which you can do in Pro) and revert back to the SumoMe Free plan, it will only keep the last campaign that you have created. If you don’t decide to create anymore campaigns then this won’t be an issue, but if you decide to create some more campaigns, make sure the last campaign is the one you would want to keep.

Please let us know if you need help with anything else 🙂



They have been real nice to give those 2 months of premium for free. I’m currently testing it out, there are far more options in the premium, but probably the best one is the A/B testing, will run a couple tests during the free period.

So, if you are a free user just go to your plugins click the big Download CSV button:

Screenshot 2016-08-08 17.06.49

Then all that’s left is to import the leads into your autoresponder. It’s not ideal, because there’s a delay between subscribing and getting added to the list, but it’s still worth it.

When you’re a small blogger like me, then it’s not a big problem, though if you’re getting more leads, then consider getting the premium version the A/B testing alone is worth far more than what you pay.

Wrapping it up

Do you use SumoMe on your blog? What kind of results have you managed to get from the plugins?

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