How to Monetize Your Blog With Amazon Affiliate Marketing

amazon affiliate marketing Making money from Amazon is not hard; many people are earning part and full-time income as Amazon affiliates.

Amazon poses perhaps the highest reputation among all online stores, and this reputation is evident by the massive number of profits they make every month.

During just the last quarter of 2016, they earned a total of $30.04 billion in net sales; all of which have came from product sales.

Amazon offers an affiliate program where people like you can join and get a share of this massive revenue that never stops.

For bloggers, promoting Amazon products has never been easier.

There are so many blogging tools and strategies available that can help you get started with your Amazon adventure.

I am going to show you in this article how to monetize your blog by selling Amazon products as an affiliate marketer.

Selling Amazon products on your blog will not affect any other monetization methods you might be using (i.e. Adsense or selling ad spaces).


How to Create Your Amazon Affiliate Account

It is very important that you create an affiliate account on Amazon, because without it you won’t be able to receive any affiliate commissions.

Amazon allows you to create your affiliate account for free, but after you pass their review process.

The main reasons why affiliate marketers have their account application rejected are:

  • Lack of quality content
  • Excessive advertisements on your blog

Your blog needs to contain quality content, and that is done by always publishing unique content.

Duplicate, spun or unreadable content causes unpleasant experience among the visitors of any website.

Amazon doesn’t want to be associated with that, because it can affect their reputation and the reputation of the products being sold.

So as long as your blog contains niche relevant and unique content then you won’t have any problems.

Also, you shouldn’t have empty pages, or pages that are mainly just a flash animation or just videos.

Excessive advertisement is also a problem for Amazon; this could be because they don’t want their products to compete with so many others on your website.

Just don’t excessively fill your blog with Adsense, Banners (and god knows what) everywhere on your website; keep everything in moderation.

After your blog meets all these quality guidelines, you should go ahead and start your Amazon Associates account application.


Targeting a Profitable Niche Segment

You need to make sure that the niche you are targeting on your blog is very profitable on Amazon.

Do a simple search on Amazon for your niche keyword to find out if there are any products sold:


If there are, then your current niche is perfect and you are ready to sell Amazon products in that niche.

However, not all niches tend to sell well on Amazon, and that could affect your affiliate sales if you are in any of those niches.

For example, you could be targeting a service based niche like “personal trainer” which obviously is a service performed by an individual and not an actual physical product.

You can still make money on Amazon from these kinds of niches, and the solution is “niche segmentation”.

Niche segmentation allows you to find smaller markets within your main niche.

These small markets can still be of interest to your main niche audience, which means you can sell Amazon products to them.

Let’s follow our example of “personal trainer”, we will segment it to find if we can sell Amazon products for those seeking “personal training”.

Go to Google and search for “YourNiche a” replacing “a” with any other letter:


We found out that there are 2 segments that have products on Amazon.

You can then target those segments on your blog by finding related Amazon products and writing product reviews for them.


Finding Profitable Affiliate Products on Amazon

To achieve affiliate marketing success, you need to promote top quality products.

High priced products provide higher affiliate commissions, but that doesn’t mean that they will sell well.

Your focus should be on promoting quality products, even if the price is just average.

You will simply sell more average priced quality product than high priced low quality products.

For your reference, this is how much Amazon will pay you in affiliate commissions:


High quality products are easy to spot on Amazon, and they tend to have:

  • Positive customers reviews
  • Great sales history

And to do your product research to find a top quality one, search Amazon for your niche keyword and look through the results returned:


As you can see from the screenshot above, you have those two products.

The first one has a great sales history of over 5,327 sales, while the other one has only 10 sales.

Not just that, the first product has 4.3 stars out of 5, while the second one has just 2 stars out of 5.

The first product is clearly of a high quality due to its sales history and positive customers rating.

You still need to do further research to find out if there are many affiliate marketers promoting this product.

This helps you understand the level of SEO competition you will be facing if you want to rank your product review on Google. If you are not sure of what SEO reseller services to use I recommend asking for professional help.

Head over to Google and search for “ProductName review”:


You need to see if there are many affiliate marketers who wrote reviews and rank on page #1.

The first result is clearly an affiliate marketer who is selling the product, and the second result is just the Amazon page for the product (from the above screenshot).

Your options at this point are:

  • To either outrank the competition to earn a place on Google’s first page
  • To find a different product that has less affiliate competition

Either way, following this product research technique you will be able to anticipate the kind of challenge ahead of you.


Final Thoughts

Many people start seeing success with Amazon affiliate marketing in the first 3 months, but that only comes after hard work.

How much money you will be making on Amazon will greatly be affected by how well you take care of your blog.

Try to learn more about affiliate marketing ( offers great lessons); there are many courses that can teach you techniques which you can apply to your blog.

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