My Journey To 1000 Visitors Per Day #1

cover-copyI like following people’s progress.

For example, how Neil Patel built a $100 000 per month blog or what Matthew Woodward has done to grow his income. Or even watching how Chief Pat is climbing the ranks of Clash Royale, a popular mobile game.

It’s fun to follow the journeys and see how they get better, what new ideas they get and you really get into it.

So, I started thinking could I do something similar?

Now, I didn’t want to start a monthly income report, because there’s rarely any income to report, my blog is not that big yet, but what if I would set myself a goal and write about how’s the progress going?

This is how I came up with this idea to document my journey to 1000 visitors per day. I’m currently at around 100 a day so, I’m looking to grow my traffic 10 times, which might not sound like a lot to some seasoned marketers, but it will take some time to reach it, you can click here to get more information on how to build a business successfully by using great marketing strategies.

Probably, when I do reach the traffic goal I will start earning a considerable amount of money and maybe I will transition to writing an income report or maybe will set myself another goal. Well, who knows, I still need to reach the goal first, could be easier if I get a seo agency as San Antonio SEO Company to optimize my site so I get more traffic.

I’m planning to publish these progress reports monthly or bi-monthly, it will depend on how much time will I spend working on the blog.

Currently, my main focus is Computer Science studies at university and it’s hard to find time for the blog so, if I haven’t done anything, then it will be a boring report so, that’s why I’m not giving myself a strict publishing date.

So, for the first ever report I want to share with you what I was currently working on my blog.

Building My Sales Funnel

For the last year, my blog was basically stagnating.

I have minimized my business to two domains and a hosting account. To monetize my website I had left Google Adsense ads running and I was also collecting leads, which were actually not being added to my list, I even wrote a post about that.

Basically, the blog was collecting digital dust and being quite worthless to me except for one ad placement, which paid for a year worth of hosting.

So, I decided to finally go all strategic and build myself a funnel.


Obviously, the first pillar is traffic. Next, I want to convert the traffic into leads. For that purpose I created a brand new video training that I’m giving away to people who subscribe called 5 EASY WAYS TO PROMOTE YOUR CONTENT.

Which, you can get by entering your email to any optin form on the blog.

Once people subscribe I want them to buy my front end product for $7 where I share 7 Blogging Hacks to improve their blogs, if they get the offer I then upsell them with a $47 coaching product where I review the blogs and give critiques to improve them and also provide 1 on 1 support for the whole month.

And this is where the funnel ends for now. I’m still working on the front end product sales page, but it’s hard to say, if what I’m doing is producing any results because I need more leads to come through to test it and to get leads I need more traffic and that’s why the focus of this journey is to grow the audience.

So, now I have the skeleton of my funnel and with more traffic, there’s a chance to make some money. As my traffic grows and I’ll receive some feedback on the products I will work on improving the funnel furthermore.

Guest Posts

Lately, I’ve been getting some serious people to guest post on my blog, which is so awesome. Usually, I only get requests from SEO companies that want to put some spammy articles on my blog just to get a link.

I hope to get more and more of these guest posts as I grow. Also, I should try to write on other blogs myself to get traffic and links.

The two recent posts were guest posts:

No Excuses! The Real Reasons People Avoid Business Planning

How to Monetize Your Blog With Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Minds is a new social sharing website that I have found, which I fell in love with. It has a similar feel to Facebook. How

How does it work?

Well, you get credits every hour for checking your news feed, you don’t need to share anything if you don’t want just look what others are sharing and you get rewarded.

You can then spend those credits to promote your own content. Obviously, it’s super simple, but the site is growing quickly and it gets a lot of engagement. Sadly, though there aren’t any good targeting options right now so broad topic posts work best here. Still, I like using it for promoting my blog posts.

Still, I like using it for promoting my blog posts.

Empire Avenue

I have discovered this site a long time ago, but from the first glance, it looked extremely complicated. So, after all this time neglecting this site I decided to learn how it works and it’s actually not as hard.

If you want you can use Eaves (credits) to invest in other users. Your investments give you dividends(credits). So, it’s kind of a game that I don’t fully understand, but by investing you are setting yourself up for more credits in the future

Obviously, you can spend your Eaves (credits) to create Missions (campaigns) and get traffic or shares for your pages.

So, it’s a unique site, but at its core, it’s actually really simple.

Twitter Growth

After reading this Twitter tutorial by Michael Karp.

I started putting it into practice. In essence, if you don’t want to read the whole thing you use:

to find targeted people to follow and you use:

to unfollow people that aren’t following you.

You follow/unfollow no more than 100 people per day and you slowly, but steadily grow your following.

There’s more to the tutorial, but that’s the takeaways that I got and am using. It already started to show some results there’s some traffic coming from Twitter.

I currently have 5349 Twitter followers that I’m looking to grow to 10 000 and see how that will impact my traffic from twitter.

Warning, though, even if you follow the limit of 100 follows/unfollows per day, shit can happen. So, really don’t overdue it especially if you have a new account.

SumoMe Share Buttons

I noticed that my old sharing button wasn’t working properly so, I updated my blog with SumoMe sharing buttons that allowed me to remove another sharing button that I used to pull up a bigger list of sharing options just for my personal use.

So, I killed two birds with one stone. I love these new buttons and hope you will love them as well, though they have a tendency to cover up content in some resolutions.

The Numbers

google analytics data

So, in September I received 2369 visitors that’s an average of 79 per day and 4191 pageviews that’s 140 per day. Though the important metric that I’m looking at is the unique users.

When I’m writing this already half of October has passed and the results are looking quite good.

Wrapping It Up

The plan right now is to produce more content and try to grow my search traffic.

I also want to write great evergreen pieces that I could work on promoting them from time to time.

Currently, I have only a single blog post that I’m very proud of that’s the ultimate list of websites that accept guest posts. Would like to expand this list to at least 5 and have them rotated in different campaigns.

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