Get More Done In 24 Hours Using These 9 Simple Steps

iStock_000013749421Medium[1]We all have so much to do when running our online businesses.

The question is, are we as productive as we could or should be?

Implementing the following 9 points will move toward positively increasing the yes response to that question.

Understanding Your Work

The first step to being productive in work is to understand exactly what you mean by that word.  Many distractions can come from working online, especially if you are doing it from the home front.  To make sure that you remain fully focused on the success of your business I offer these suggestions.

Clarify Goals

Build an understanding of where it is that you are wanting to go with your online business.  Write them down.  Post them clearly where you will see them.  Keep your focus laser targeted on exactly what you want to accomplish.

Repeat this process daily.  The result will be your ultimate success in achieving your objectives thus growing your business.  

Once you achieve your targeted goals, don’t stop there.  Instead, start new one’s that build on the momentum of your original goals.

Be Focused

Not enough positive can be said about being focused.  It is the core of your entire success in business.  

One way to stay focused is to set a certain time of day, each day, that you work on your business.  The more time you set the faster your success will come.  Even if you set just 2 hours a day in your plan you can succeed on the Web, but again, more is better.

Another trick to staying focused is to start disconnecting things like your cell phones, doorbell and TV.  Whatever gets in your way of accomplishing your goal correspondingly causes you to not be focused.  Make sure you remove it from your time to build your business and the possibility of your success will increase.

Consider Automation

There are many tools on the market that will make your life easier, or so they say.  Automation, in its right place, can be a good thing that helps you accomplish things faster.  For example, I do use Buffer to reach out to my social networks.

It is great for getting a constant steady flow of links moving forward.  

However, if I’m hoping to engage people on those networks it will take more time and commitment from me than an automated tool.

Simply put, there are advantages and disadvantages to automation.  Consider both within the scope of your goals and move forward per what appears to be the best plan for you.

Breaking Ground

Now that you have broken ground with building the place for your business on the Web, what’s next?  How about taking a break?


How will taking a break help my business productivity?  Let’s see.

Get Moving

concepts.... Trail Running

When working on the Web there is a great deal of sedentary activity taking place.  Your body needs to remain in motion and active.   Taking a walk gets your blood moving, hear rate going and mind thinking clearly.

Take time for exercise.  You’ll be surprised what a 20-minute walk will do to the overall productivity of the success of your business.

Proper Nourishment

Along with exercise it is important to keep yourself properly nourished.  

Do you really drink enough?  Far more people are dehydrated that they realize.

Do you eat the right food?  Some food can cause you to be sluggish in body and mind.

Be sure to eat and drink right and enough in-order to increase productivity with the success of your business.

Reward Success

If you set milestones within the process of arriving at your goals, you will be able to reward your accomplishments.  As you achieve results from new milestones treat yourself.  

Rewards can be powerful motivators for your continued success in building your online business.

  • Buy something special
  • Go somewhere fun
  • Do something exciting

Build these types of events into your overall business productivity and watch your success soar.

Collaborating Concepts

So far, we have focused on what you can do to be more productive in business.  Our focus has not been on how others and their influence can make you more productive in business.  But they can, here’s how.

Niche Reading

Actively read what is being said from others in your niche.  They have ideas, thoughts and concepts that you can move forward with in the process of building your own place within the niche.  

Not only can this serve as a nice break for your mind but it can also lead to new content that you can create based on details and information that they have shared.  If the people you are reading seem to be connected enough with you and your mission, you may even want to see if there is some type of joint venture opportunity available between the both of you.

Audience Listening

Other’s that may prove fruitful when it comes to joint ventures are your actual audience.   You already know they are interested in the topic you are talking about or else they wouldn’t be part of your followers.  What talents can they bring to the table which would serve as common good of the whole.

Another reason to listen to what your audience is saying is that they understand what they want.  What’s missing.  What needs more clarification.  Where the weaknesses of the niche are.  Knowing these details can help you to fulfill their request and thus reach a wider spectrum of people.

Peer Talk

Sure, you control your business.  It’s all yours baby.

However, as it grows forward you should find yourself in need of hiring other people thus building the power and synergy that your business is bringing to the table.

These people bring their own ideas to the table.  Hear what they are and consider how implementing their suggestions will empower your success.

Other peers to listen to would include your spouse, your family, your friends.  Anyone who has a vested interest in seeing your success blossom forward is worth hearing.  Just don’t let their unfocused conversations distract you from your targeted mission established goals.

Closing Thoughts About Business Productivity

In closing, these 9 ideas can very much help you to increase productivity within your business venture.  

However, I’m sure there is more that can be said on this topic.

What’s missing?

What would you add?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below and let’s make this the best page about business productivity that is available on the Web.

Guy Siverson is a Guest Blogger who has spent over 20 years helping people succeed on the Web.  His latest work empowers Affiliate Marketer’s to prosper financially.  One of his latest articles tells the story Of Freezer’s, Brides and Your Affiliate Marketers Dream.  He is available for private consultations as well as live or virtual speaking engagements by calling 702-439-4766 during normal business hours.

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