Polybius Bank Project What It’s All About and How to Get Involved

The cryptocurrency market continues to grow and no it’s not just because of Bitcoin.

The forever famous Bitcoin is actually losing its dominance. Just in the last two months, Bitcoins dominance dropped from around 85% to only 46% of the whole cryptocurrency market and it’s not because Bitcoin lost the market cap.

No, on the contrary, Bitcoin’s market cap grew quite a lot and the price reached a new high of $2237.

So, where’s the big growth of the cryptocurrency market coming from?

Altcoins, there are a ton of new promising technologies that are emerging and they are getting a ton of investments.

The most notable Altcoins right now are Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Litecoin and there are others that are still small but growing.

And there are always new coins that are being launched. Currently, on https://coinmarketcap.com there are 718 coins listed and there are much more that aren’t listed mainly because they have zero value.

If you would check the https://bitcointalk.org thread of the Altcoin announcements you would see plenty of new coins coming up.

Are any of them going to be the new Bitcoin in ten years? Hard to say.

Will we never hear again about most of them? That’s for sure.

What Is An ICO?

Let’s step back for a moment and talk about the term ICO. What does it mean?

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, it’s very similar to an IPO in stocks.

The company wants to attract initial investors into the project and it offers the coins to early investors.

Ethereum has had an ICO where people had the chance to invest in it at an early stage and there have now been a lot of ICO’s some very successful some not that much.

Is there a way to tell if an ICO going to be successful?

Honestly not really, but you can guess based on the marketing that they are doing, on the people involved and a ton of other factors, you can also contact a phoenix seo expert to give you some advice on it.

Polybius Bank ICO

As I said there’s no way to know if an ICO is going to be successful or not, but I definitely believe in this one. It’s called Polybius.

Why am I so confident about this? The main reason is the people behind it. It’s the HashFlare and HashCoins team. HashFlare is a cloud mining company and HashCoins is a developer and provider of FinTech, cloud computing and IT solutions for private and public institutions, such as businesses, governments, and banks.

I have written about HashFlare not that long ago. I have invested in their cloud mining contracts quite a bit of money, at least for me and it’s going really well.

They have been working with cryptocurrencies since 2013 and they have a lot of experience so, this is why I think they can succeed.

I’m planning to invest in this project myself and I encourage to at least take a look at it and see for yourself and decide if it’s worth investing.

The ICO is planned to start somewhere around the end of May. To get the updates about the Polybius Bank Project and find out the exact date of the ICO go to https://polybius.io/  and subscribe.

The Plan For Polybius

So, the plan of the ICO is to raise at least $1.5 million. If that isn’t achieved everyone will get their money back and the project won’t be launched, this makes it very safe for the investors. If the project works out everyone wins, if it doesn’t people will just get their money back.

By raising $1.5 million Polybius will register as an authorized payment institution in the European union. If the ICO would be even more successful it would register as an electronic money institution, but for that, they will need at least $3 million investments.

Those other stages are still being planned in the future when Polybius grows, but the main one is the $1.5 million.

In my opinion, the key goal is to get $6 million of investments and to register as a commercial bank and from then on it would be just pure growth.

How To Invest In The Polybius Bank Project and Make Money

There will be two ways how you can invest in Polybius Bank.

The first one is to participate in the bounty campaign. You will get PLBT coins for promoting Polybius on Twitter, Facebook or Bitcointalk. This is a free way to participate and get free coins. It’s not clear how many coins you will get because the coins will be assigned to the pool of people that participated and divided accordingly to the shares amount.

Obviously, the more you spread the word the more coins you will get.

The second way to invest in Polybius Bank Project is to wait for the ICO date and buy Polybius tokens.

1 Polybius token will be sold at a fixed price of $10. Investors on day one will get 25% more Polybius coins, on day 2 to 7 a 20% bonus and the bonus will shrink throughout the ICO.

So, just by being an early investor you can make an easy 25% back if you would sell the coins immediately after the ICO.

Though the real money making opportunity is in holding the coins, because Polybius Bank will share 20% of its profits every year to its investors, just like shares pay dividends.

So, by holding the coins you will be eligible to 20% of profit share year after year paid out in the PLBT tokens.

Wrapping It Up

As I mentioned several times throughout the post there’s no guarantee that an ICO will succeed, no one can guess the future, but Polybius will either go big or not launch at all. So, you’re not risking to invest in a potential shit coin.

If interested sign-up at https://polybius.io/ and wait for the announcement of the ICO date. If you have a social media following and believe in the concept of Polybius, then check out the Polybius bounty campaign.

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