My Journey To 1000 Visitors Per Day #2

I published My Journey To 1000 Visitors Per Day #1 almost a year ago. My initial plan was to publish it every two or three months, but right now it’s closer to a yearly edition, will try to fix this and do more frequent reports from now on.

What I Have Been Up to This Whole Year

It has been a busy year. Not busy blogging, but busy with studies and investing.

This year in the university was extremely challenging, have been putting long hours into studying computer science.

I did learn a lot, new coding languages, new platforms, built a simple android app with a team, it was extremely challenging.

During summer did an internship as a software tester, learned Python and writing automated scripts, really awesome stuff to automate anything on the web.

Also, did an internship as a web developer, learned PHP language, MySql databases, a few frameworks and I’m starting to finally imagine how the job of a developer looks like.

This whole year I was also learning about investing, it all started with P2P lending. Got really interested, basically learned all there’s to learn and started learning about stocks, how to evaluate companies and approximate a price for a share, which indicates whether you should invest in a stock or not.

Somehow stocks didn’t hook me. There’s a huge learning curve until you would get to a level where you would earn as much as with P2P.

Yes, there’s a bigger potential in stocks and I might learn it over time, but for now, I won’t be focusing there.

Cryptocurrencies were the last thing on my radar when it comes to investing. The potential there is incredible, if you pick the right cryptocurrency you can quadruple your investment in as little as a week, that’s the potential of cryptos and there’s plenty of opportunities.

Also, it is all about new technologies, which I enjoy learning about so, I can definitely say that this is my biggest hook right now.

Marketing Got Boring

I have been blogging about marketing almost forever now and to be honest, it got a bit boring and most importantly I haven’t seen much success with it because it’s a super competitive field.

This is probably the reason why I wasn’t blogging as much, but it will change because I’m shifting the focus of the blog. I won’t be blogging only about marketing anymore.

I’m going to blog about all the different things that interest me. My recent post was about health and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, it was one of these posts that I was holding off for a long time but it finally saw the day light.

Now, it’s likely that this blog won’t become super random because I’m planning to focus on crypto currencies. There’s plenty of info, everything is new and there’s relatively small competition.

I’m planning to use this tutorial to build up my content about cryptos. Though as usual, I will probably fall off on the plan, studies will start and I will only have some spare time to write and I will probably write only about the most interesting crypto stuff.

I feel motivated and hope this motivation won’t disappear quickly.

How Did The Traffic Grow?

The idea of this blog post series is to track my progress, but as you can imagine there’s not a lot of improvement happened because I barely posted anything still here are my traffic results for the last month:

In the month of July, I received 1670 unique visitors or an average of 53 visitors per day. I got 2441 page views or an average of 78 page views per day. So, the numbers have gone down, but I hope to recover quickly and even grow past them.

Wrapping It Up

So, big plans ahead for the blog. Hope I won’t lose motivation to do everything that is planned. I’m still far away from my goal of 1000 visitors per day, but I do hope the new market will bring in a lot more traffic and also thinking on getting an agency as Irvine SEO Experts or Tangible Vagaries SEO to improve my results.

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