5 Promising Cryptocurrencies 2018

There are at least a few new cryptocurrencies launched every single day and every other week there’s some really big one that gets launched. Just the other day I made a video about Hcash, which came out of nowhere and climbed to the top 20 of the cryptocurrency list.

The field is getting crowded and it’s really hard to track all the projects. In this article, I want to talk about promising cryptocurrencies that are launching right now or have already launched but will likely only boom in 2018 for one reason or another.

For some of these it might be a good time to get in right now and for some, it’s probably wise to wait. So, let’s start with the list.


EOS was a really hyped up project. Before the start of the ICO all you could hear was EOS and honestly, it’s a really impressive project, but it will fully launch only around next summer.

Even though the ICO started two months ago, it will carry on for another ten months. The total supply of EOS is 1,000,000,000 currently there are 324,000,000 in circulation and there are 2,000,000 more added every single day.

Due to the hype a lot of people were buying on the very first day and to put it lightly they overpaid for the tokens. Currently, the price is around $1.30 and in the upcoming months the token supply will triple so, the price will go to around $0.43 just because of that.

So, the time to buy will be in the first half of 2018 when most of the tokens will be already distributed and the launch of EOS will be done.

The founder of EOS also created projects like Steem and BitShares you can find them both at the top 30. EOS is a platform similar to Ethereum, but with some key improvements to stability and scalability.

Right now when there are too many transactions happening on Ethereum the whole system gets clogged up and slows down. EOS fixes this by running the Dapps parallel. They claim they can support thousands of Dapps running at the same time.

So, EOS is like the infrastructure for running Decentralized apps and it seems they will be running them much smoother than Ethereum.

Even though EOS isn’t launched yet, there were already announcements about some planned ICO’s on this blockchain.

All in all, expect to be hearing more about this one in 2018.


This was a recent ICO that I participated in. The price for one token was very high – $10. After the ICO it had dropped down to as low as $3 and now it’s holding up at around $7 so, still below ICO price.

Many, people say their failure was because of a too high ICO price that led all the participants in the bounty campaign to quickly cash out their earnings, but the ones that invested money are still holding their tokens.

So, the token is already launched, but we will probably start hearing from them only in 2018 because Polybius is creating a cryptocurrency bank and to do that they need to get a banking license, which takes a lot of time.

Once they do get the license and launch everything up the price will skyrocket so, right now I do believe is a great time to get in.

Polybius will be offering debit cards that you can use to pay with cryptocurrencies for goods and services, they are planning to launch an investment fund, which will invest into promising ICO’s. They will launch a digital pass system, will be issuing P2P loans, selling insurance and a ton of other stuff that you can read about on their website.

Polybius bank will be entering several different sectors to profit from and they will be sharing 20% of revenue with the token holders.

All in all, it looks extremely promising, but it will take time for all of this to launch. So, keep an eye for Polybius in 2018.


This is a project similar to Polybius. Their pre-ICO has started, if you want to participate you can go to https://bankera.com/?ref=1030688128 (affiliate link). Chances are when you will be reading this the pre-ICO will be over and you will be able to participate in the ICO which is planned for mid-October.

Just like with Polybius I wouldn’t expect huge gains right after the ICO ends, but I might be wrong. Bankera is going a similar route like Polybius, they will be getting their banking license and if you would look at their roadmap they are only expecting to get it in early 2019.

Still, Bankera has something that most ICO’s don’t – a working product. From what I understand the ICO is held to raise funds to make SpectroCoin into a bank. SpectroCoin is a working cryptocurrency exchange site with 300 000 users so, they already come into the business with a working product.

Bankera will be sharing 20% of its transaction fees with their token holders and paying it weekly. So, if I’m not mistaking right after the ICO the token holders will be receiving 20% of SpectroCoin’s revenues.

Due to the revenue share, the token price might be jumping up, but you should start looking into this more at the end of 2018 right before they get their banking license and start working on a lot more interesting stuff.

If you are interested I have created a review video of Bankera and a comparison video between Polybius, Bankera and 4 more projects in a similar niche:


Sia is a big cryptocurrency it has a market cap of around $250 million. What SIA tries to create is a decentralized cloud storage, they claim they can offer it 10 times cheaper than the current market price and not only that decentralization adds a whole new layer of security to the data stored.

To put it short they are revolutionizing the cloud storage space using blockchain technology, I talked more about this in a few of my videos.

So, it’s already launched, they already have a working product so, why wait for 2018?

Well, I’m predicting the real growth will happen in 2018 because right now their product is barely usable, it’s not ready for general consumers, you need to synchronize your wallet, which takes a lot of time and overall it’s not easy to use and there are plenty of problems.

All in all, it’s early days of SIA, but they have a lot of major improvements planned in 2018 I talk about them in one of my videos, but the main one is a release of a lite client, which will likelly open the doors for mainstream adoption of SIA.

The price might also rise without any major news because the market is extremely optimistic, but I’m guessing the major moves for SIA should happen in 2018 so, be looking out for it.


The last on our list is Synereo. It’s a competitor of Steem. They are planning to launch a social media network.

Synereo has already launched its token and a minimum viable product, that I have reviewed in one of my videos, it’s nothing special, but I do like their approach of starting small and building it all up.

Right now they have a chrome extension for sharing YouTube videos and a website and they will be slowly expanding their products until they have a fully functional social media network.

If you would want to be an early investor now is probably the best time to buy, but most likely the price will only start to rise in 2018 as they develop more features and launch more products.

Wrapping It Up

These are the cryptocurrencies that I think will boom in 2018, if you are a long term investor then these might be some really good picks to get while the prices are low.

Obviously, these are only a handful of coins that will go big in 2018, but these are the ones that I have researched the most and believe in.

Let me know in the comments below what cryptocurrencies do you think are going to be huge in 2018?

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